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Restoring Uniform - Policy Questions

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I would like to restore my old 80s era Uniform, even if I never have an opportunity to wear it.

Shirt no longer fits so I'll have to try to find a new one, but anyway, here are my questions:


1) When I was in Troop 71, we had the 25 badge above the troop designation, as the troop had been chartered continuously for 25 years. The troop no longer exists, so I assume it would NOT be appropriate to move that patch to new shirt. Correct?


2) Quality Unit 1987 is on the sleeve under where Patrol Patch goes. I remember back then, each year we had to replace it. Since that was the last year I was in Troop 71, I would like to keep it there, in some respects it was earned because every scout was important in earning that designation. Is there a problem with that?


3) Under Troop Number, I currently have a Quartermaster patch. That obviously needs to go, as I am not a quartermaster and never was of Troop 71 (I was quartermaster of Troop 111). I seem to recall in that era, there was an "Adult Scout" patch that was same style (green with yellow border) that some fathers wore, but I can't find any pictures of it on-line, so my memory may be foggy. Anyone recall that? If it does exist, would it be inappropriate to procure it as the Troop is now defunct and I am not associated with it anymore?


4) Finally, I achieved the rank of Star before I left scouting. I assume I can keep that?




The Uniform will likely never be worn unless there is a BSofA sanctioned event that others from my old troop are involved in that I attend, but that may happen, hence why I want to make sure I don't violate policy.


Thanks for comments.

My introduction is in the new user thread.

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Badges of Rank Are for Youth Members

In Scouting, the advancement program is intended for youth members only. Scouters should neither seek awards designed for youth members nor wear them on the Scouter uniform except for square knots �representing the Arrow of Light Award, Eagle Scout Award, Venturing Silver Award, Quartermaster Award, or religious emblems earned as a youth member.


That answers #4

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Ahh.. I answered your intro post, didn't realize you did start a second post listing what exactly you needed addressed with the uniform.


Others may tell me I am wrong, but this is what I see.

1) 25 badge Could stay on your old uniform, but should not be transfered to a new uniform.


2) Quality Unit 1987 Should be removed.. It should be replaced yearly still, or removed if you are no longer in a unit, or your unit doesn't make Quality Unit.. Actually Quality Unit was replaced this year by a new program, so I have no idea what next years patches will look like.


3) Quartermaster patch. GONE! It is a youth position. Some one can correct me if I am wrong, But if you are a MBC, you have no unit (so no unit numbers if you have unit numbers currently on your uniform..) But I think you need the silver tabs.. I am unsure if you are just a District member or considered part of the District Committee, and can wear that patch.. I tend to doubt you are not, unless you actually do sit on the District Committee.



4) Star rank GONE! It is a youth award.. Even if you had earned Eagle, and continue in the troop past 18 the Eagle award must be removed for an adult knot of recognition. Sorry, There is no adult knot of recognition for any ranks below Eagle.

(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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If you bwant to restore it for restoring sake....and do not plan on wearing it as a current uniform for a current position..then leave the quality unit patch year as is, leave the quartermaster patch as is and leave the star patch as is. Our DE brings an old uniform he wore as a cub scout to roundups. It is in the exact same set up it was when he wore it last to show

what he had earned At That Time


If you think you may wear it just for a show and tell or look what I did way back when kinda thing...then again, do not change it.


But if you are planning on wearing it as a current uniform, then you have to remove the Star rank, the Quartermaster , and of course the troop number since :

A) You are not in that troop ....and

B) it no longer exists ......and

C) THose ranks are for youth and not adult


So if you are looking to have a current wearable uniform - when you get done restoring it - it will look no different than buying a brand new one other than color or style of cut.



Me? I'd restore it back to the shape and conditiuon it was in on last day you wore it way back when.


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Thanks - I think I'll fix it up - period appropriate patches to replace the worn out ones seem readily available, and just never wear it, just keep it as something by which to remember the good old days (the intent of fixing it up), and then go with a new uniform for any events that call for a uniform to be worn.

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A bit confused by your question and what "restoring" means. If the uniform is to be worn currently, then all insignia should reflect your current status...unit numerals, position, quality unit, etc. If it's being kept as a "keepsake", then I would outfit it with insignia reflecting your status in the 80's...unit numerals, rank, position, etc. Most insignia from the 80's is available on eBay pretty cheap. To answer some more specific questions, quality unit patches are only worn for the current year (one at a time). The "green with yellow border" "adult scout" patch sounds like an Asst Scoutmaster position patch. Unit tenure bars ("25") are only worn with the unit numerals of the unit that earned that designation...it's a unit "award", not an individual one. And as someone else said, rank patches (star) may only be worn by youth scouts.

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Your uniform from '87 still fits?!? Which leg?


Especially during the centennial last year, you often saw guys wearing vintage uniforms and parts. Particularly at jamboree. My sons' troop dug up '70s-era position patched for the leaders, including the old keystone Leadership Corps patches for the troop level guys.


As the others have said, you need a current uniform reflecting your current status in the program. But if your uniform fits -- and God bless you -- and you want to wear it for special occasions now and then, go for it. A conversation starter such as that may give you an opportunity to strike up an conversation you otherwise wouldn't have.


And if any of the Uniform Police complain, tell them to kiss your skill awards.

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I actually plan on doing something similar with my old uniform (I am involved with my son's Cub Scout pack, but this is for the troop I grew up in), but the difference with mine is that my old troop is still going strong (101 years this past March).


I agree with what was said above: If you don't plan on wearing it, then by all means update it with your old patches, etc. Just get a new uniform to wear for anything you do in Scouting today.


I always thought that the Quality Unit badge could be worn for the last year it was earned, not necessarily the past year.


I do plan on wearing the uniform I'm updating for my old troop (when I'm back in town I plan on stopping in to help out), though I'm removing any youth specific items and replacing them (where applicable) with their Adult equivalents. I'm keeping the old uniform as-is, and making the updates on another one I have.

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Both troops I was in actually seem to be active, though they don't show up in the zip code troop search.


Troop 71 seems to have changed districts (But same council), is that common? Maybe it died and the number was just recycled?


Troop 111 (the last troop I was in) - every year, we did a pancake breakfast for a fundraiser, using a secret recipe that won at some state fair back I think in the 30s.


While searching on-line to try to find out when it died, i came across a newspaper article giving the date and time for the breakfast in 2010 - so they apparently are still alive as well, I don't know why they didn't show up in zip code search.


It would good for district staff to do an audit of what troops they have and make sure the zip code troop finder shows accurate information.


Troop 71 is the troop I was most partial too, very active troop, I value the friends I made and time spent in 111 but I missed backpacking (111 did car camping). So I'm going to make it a Troop 71 uniform. And since it isn't to be worn in public, I'll put my flying banana patrol patch back on (my first patrol) and my Chaplain's Aide patch back on.


With respect to the badges the BSA policy says adults shouldn't wear - I get it, scouts is a program for the youth, public events where a uniform would be worn are for the youth and to honor the dedication of the youth, and are not for adults to relive their youth. I respect that.


But as long as I keep it in my closet and don't wear it, I can have my nostalgia there :)

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"Troop 71 seems to have changed districts (But same council), is that common? Maybe it died and the number was just recycled?"


Districts can come and go. My original council did 2-3 reorgs in the years I was involved that meant new districts being formed, or districts being eliminated.


Troop numbers are seldom recycled.



As to the Quality Unit patch. Keep in mind its an award that the UNIT earns, and those who are in the unit when it was earned get to wear it. So if you go to a new unit, you can't take along the QU patch from your old unit. And I think it improper to wear a QU from the new unit when you weren't part of it when it was earned. (tho I know some disagree)


You wear only one. I am not aware of any rule about how long you can wear an old one, but it is a little embarassing to wear an old one (ie 2-3 years old), because won't that mean your unit hasn't earned it recently?? (FYI- the rule of wearing only one came about back with the older 'honor unit' program that was before the QU back in the 80s. You could wear prior ones and people did. not just one or two, but 4-5 and sometimes in double rows (the patches were smaller). So it was getting out of hand and the rule was you wear just ONE).





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