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What should I wear for a Necker?

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I am an ACM soon to be our CC. I am not a den leader, I get to be "Dad" at the den meetings. I was wondering what necker it would be appropriate for me to wear (I really don't like the generic Cub Scout leader one). Any ideas or suggestions would be appropriate. Our leadership currently wears no neckers, I just like the look and want to inspire the boys to wear thiers.

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Depends on what neckers you have.


Last nite I wore my Finnish National one that I traded. In the past I've worn my OA lodge's necker, my previous lodge's Honor Neckerchief, my 100th anniversary, Eagle Scout Necker, British National I have, 1995 WSJ, etc etc.


So if you earned something, and there is a necker for it, wear it. If you traded for it or was gifted a necker, wear it. If you went to an event or a camp and there was a necker for it, wear it.


There are only two neckers I would give almost anything for: a Kingsdown International Campsite Service Crew necker and Youlbury International Campsite Service Team necker. They didn't have any in stock when I was over there.

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Neckers can tell a variety of things, and which one to wear depends upon what you want to convey. A necker can tell you what unit you are with (usually Boy Scout troops,) what district you belong to, or even council.


They can tell you what events you have been to, i.e. jamborees, camporees, scout shows, etc


They can tell you what training you have, i.e. WB, BA22, or in one case teh old SM Fundamentals course.


They can also tell you where you have been, i.e. camp neckers.


As a leader you have a wide range of choices. If you can still find one, I'd recommend the anniversary one. it's the correct size, and looks nice.

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