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Vintage Wearable Uniform Help

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Greetings all,


My son loves BSA history. He has recently brought a resurgence of interest in BSA history by wearing an old garrison cap to the meetings. So much so that he and a few other boys would like to represent a a 40's-50's troop at the next scout expo. I have tried to find vintage uniforms online that would fit my son, but at 16, 6'5" and 200, it is an impossible task. I have thought about making one, and I do have a small uniform that I can take apart, but I hate to do that. Also, sanfordized cotton is really expensive and I have thus far only been able to find it in black.


Any suggestions?


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Sanforized cotton is simply cotton that has been specially treated to reduce/eliminate shrinkage. If you are trying to match up fabrics, I would look at the weave, weight and color. Do you have any links?


Also, this brings up a related question. Are handmade uniform pieces 'official' uniform wear?

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