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Wearing temporary non offical stuff on uniform

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Almost everyday, I go throuh a Bojangles drive-thru on the way to work. They have awesome biscut combos and the best tea of any fast food joint around.


WEll, okay, they are also the only place on that side of the hiway in all 30 miles from home to work! :)


But still, they have the best tea - hands down!


So they are selling shamrocks right now to support MDA. I have a collection of 12 or so on my dash.


So to the point of the post:


I'm kinda thinking about wearing one on my collar to show my support.


Yeas, I know it is not officail, not is it BSA endorsed.

Nah..I really don't care.


I figure I am no more implying BSA is supporting MDA anymore than I would be implying support for Bojangles, Texaco, Food Lion, Wal-Mart or Home Depot if I happened to be wearing my uniform when I stopped by those places.


But I am saying that I support MDA...which is my point.

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That's what the right pocket is for Temporary Insignia ;)


This reminds me of a similar situation at work righ after 9-11. I was working for supply, and the boss wanted me to wear a, IMHO tacky, beaded American flag pin the boss made on my uniform. Since the boss was management, the boss didn't wear the field uniform much at all, always the dress uniform. So a flag pin would have been appropriate.


But the American flag is already worn on the field uniform, so I told the boss I felt it would be redundent if I wore the pin. Plus it would set a poor example for uniforming, which was one of the boss' points to emphasize.


I didn't wear the flag pin. But I did wear a yellow ribbon on my right pocket. In fact it was one of the few times I was allowed to wear temp insignia on my national shop uniform.(This message has been edited by eagle92)

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This is what we like to refer to as accoutrement envitus. It starts off as a harmless pin to support something you feel strongly about, then the extra items keep adding up around your uniform. Eventually, your wearing more bling than Flava Flav! There is hope though, you can overcome AE, by telling or asking yourself, what would I say to the boys who started putting all this extra stuff on their uniform?


My name is OwntheNight, and I suffer from AE! It started off with the fancy city pin we got form the Mayor and the City Council, It worked up to the pin I got from the blood bank for donating blood with great frequency. And then, the parent pins for both my sons, my woodbadge critter pin. I had to pull myself out of it and just remove the pins for my own sanity. I couldn't stand to sound like a Jingle Bell. I had to stop myself!


Luckily, the detoxification process I found in these forums helped me with my AE, and now I can walk proudly into a pack meeting with a clean mind and a toned down uniform.


Thanks Scouter.com!


(edited for sarcasm by OwntheNight)

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I ordered myself one of my Council Fleece jackets. It already has a Council patch on the left chest area. I added a patch I had made up on the right chest pocket. My WB Totem. Anyway, It's not an official jacket for the BSA. So I can get away with it. On the other had, I try to live 110% by the uniform guide. So the boys get the right impression.

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The right pocket location is for "temporary insignia" which must be BSA branded. (Insignia Guide 2009-2010, B.S.A. 1999 at p. 4)


Only very limited, specified items may be worn on "official headgear." (Insignia Guide 2009-2010, B.S.A. 1999 at p. 3). This presents a powerful incentive.


It is often better to have fewer rules and enforce them than to have a multiplicity of rules largely ignored. Imagine "The Fifty-Six Pages of Commandments."

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If you are ok with the boys you work with wearing non-official stuff in support of the things they like, then go for it. Otherwise it becomes a value judgement thing and a possible "the things I support are ok, but the things you support are rubbish" conflict, you know. But if you don't think that'll happen or know you'll be ok handling it when it does, then go for it. :)

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Well, It is a 3/4 inch size plastic shamrock pin with MDA on it. Was gonna wear it on my collar. Not as a representation of BSA' support, but of my own. Was only gonna be for a meeting or two. Not long term.


But not somethimng I absolutely have to do. More of an idea really.

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"I'm kinda thinking about wearing one on my collar to show my support"


No, you must follow the rules. The stamping out of individuality and self-reliance requires eternal vigilence. Scouting is too serious an undertaking to waste time on fun.

Imagine if our Boys started dressing in other than the official leggings and knickers, and tossed aside their campaign hats for a totally silly & useless field cap. We would have anarchy, total anarchy, in troops nationwide.

(I do wear a light-up Santa head, during December, at indoor Scout functions)


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