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Jac-Shirt adornment

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Prior to 1972, or there abouts, no problems. However at some point in the 1970s, again I think it's 1972, national limited to 1 back patch, one universal emblem on the left pocket, and 1 national HA emblem (i.e. Philmont Bull, FL Sea Base Conch, or N Tier Loon) on the shoulder. Very few patches are authorized for the right pocket, Philmont Training Center and the old Leadership Corps patches I have seen written authorization for. I've been told the old Brownsea 22 patch was another, but haven't seen it written.


So no council strips, unit numbers, flag patches, etc.


However there's no word on what can be worn on the new "washable wool jacket."



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There's official and "official".


I have never seen Troop numbers, Council strips, etc. on the red or green J/S. But I have seen many really neat displays of Scouting experience on the back of them. I know one old Scouter that has several jackets. Each one is a souvenir of a different Jamboree or other big event. All the patches on the back, however, not on the front or sleeves.


Then too, back in my Scout daze, I remember one Troop that had matching jackets, not the expensive redwool ones, but matching and they were emblazoned with Troop numbers and insignia on the sleeves and NOTHING on the back... They looked good in formations at camp in the cool weather.

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I too was part of a troop that did custom jackets. My Canada trip troop did have custom jacket made for those who wanted them. The trip's logo was embroidered on the back, and the name on the front with the WC emblem above if memory serves ( didn't get one of the jackets as I couldn't afford it, man do I wish I had one though). they looked awesome


My troop created an adult award. Wasn't much: a red windbreaker with the troop logo in place of the universal emblem. Don't know when the red windbreakers came out, but I bet it was after my troop was formed and doign this, so they continued.

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The insignia guide covers this and I think Eagle92 got it correct.


For example, on mine I have the BSA patch (comes with the jacket), the Philmont Bull on the shoulder and a big fat round Scoutmaster patch on the back (National Scoutmaster's Award of Merit). And yes, I have the official over priced BSA sanctioned jacket.

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Yeah.. I think the "official" is kinda limiting, as our fellow Forum members have stated.


But the unofficial does add something to talk about. Anytime someone post a topic similar to extra patches on the wool red jackshirt, it gets me thinking about a popular comedy movie. I can't remember what he had on it, but I still think its humorous in the movie Stripes, that Bill Murray had a BSA red wool jackshirt on, with his council CSP on the shoulder.


I think the character had a few more patches, but I thought the CSP was funny and smart addition..


So, that being said. Unofficially, I would say, "go for it". It may be a topic for a Scoutmaster conference or just a discussion piece some day.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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Here's my $.02 worth on vintage uniforms and following vintage regs.


If you have a vintage uniform, all the patches on it need to be from that time period, following the regs at that time. For example my wife's 1950s Den Mother's dress has patches that are from the 1950s, or in one case a reproduction of a 1950s patch (which you would not be ablt to tell unless you knew it was a repro. Trust me I compared the city strip she has to the one I have in my collectrion and could not tell the difference). Her uniform has the city and state strips,

fully embroidered red and white numbers, old Den Mother patch, and that's it. No American flag (wasn't on the uniform until the 1970s) and no World Crest (had to earn prior 8-1-1989).


So if you want to wear patches all over your red jac shirt, I would make sure that all of the patches are prior to 1972. I have a friend who is a long time scouter, and his jac shirt has patches all over. BUT not one of them is newer than 1972 or thereabouts ( and they may be older than that ;).




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Even Better:


Go to Bemidji Woolen Mills and buy their (much better than BSA's!!) Northern Tier Trading Post jac-shirt. Far better quality, fit and finish.


Then, it's not BSA uniform, and you can look at the U.P. and say "Go Away."


Of course, I'd dare any card carrying member of the U.P. to confront my District Commissioner and tell him he's wrong. I could sell tickets for that...

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