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Color of Trained Strip for Cub Scouts?

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#2 There has been a lot of gnashing of teeth over the issue of what color numbers folks wear in the Centennial Uniforms. It's neen VERY confusing. That's b/c when the CUs came out, everyone, stress EVERYONE, wearing the CUs was suppose to wear the tan and green numbers and trained strip. That was shown in all the literature that came out between May 2008 and April 2009, and even some publications afterward. BUT the same literature said you could mix and max uniform items of the ODLs and the CUs, without clarifying what specific uniform items. Some said you could still wear the red and white numbers and red loops on the new uniforms b/c of the mix and match policy. Others said only pants, socks, belt, and shirts counted, not insignia. And national never clarified the matter.


Then to make matters more interesting, the Insignia Guide that covered the CUs didn't get published AND sent to the scout shops and distributors until MAY 2009. The current Insignia Guide, which isn't online yet, states that Cub Scouts, including Webelos on the CUs, and their leaders wear the red and white numbers and the new red and tan trained strip, the one that is the same size as the CU trained strip.


Now the the inspection sheets do not specify which color are to be worn by whom, but leader checklists and essentials forms found here does state that red and white numbers are to be worn.










Notice no mention of the color of the trained insignia, but if you talk to a national, stress NATIONAL scout shop, they will tell you red and tan. or if you local shop or distributor has a 2009 IG, it's in there.


Now here is the kicker, esp. if you got uniform police in your district/ council. Once uniform, always uniform, so if you accidentally got the wrong numbers and trained strip, and can't return it, you can still wear it and cite the uniform regs effective Aug 2008- April 2009, hence you are in a "vintage uniform." ;)


But if you are buying your uniform now, go ahead with red an white numbers and a red and tan trained strip.


Clear as mud right?




When you did your WDL training, was it between Aug 1 2008 and May 2009? Heck I'd go as far as to say up to Dec 2009 as I know some local distributors were still saying the wrong thing b/c they had not been informed of the changes in regards to Cub Scouts and their leaders. In fact I'm the one who told told my local dsitributor about the changes, and she was not happy bc she told a bunch of folks the wrong info.

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To add to the continuing confusion, the text of the 2009 IG specifies red/white unit numerals for all CS (including Webelos in CU shirt) and CS Leaders, but the color pictures in the middle show the Webelos in green/tan unit numerals.


Our local Scout Shop (I don't know who owns it, but employees are wearing gold shoulder loops, if that means anything) still insists on telling all purchasers of CU shirts that unit numerals must be green/tan.

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It's a national store if they wear gold. While I am surprised that a national store is telling folks incorrect information since the IG is now out, and when I worked for national I was told it was the uniform bible to answer all your uniform questions, I am not surprised. Supply still continues to print out info that has incorrect pictures and information, even after repeated attempts of telling them the info is being contradicted by the IG or that's not part of the uniform, i.e. leaders wearing merit badge sashes.

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This whole situation drives me batty. I went to training (Cub Scout) and they passed out two different color strips. Started with the tan/green and when they ran out switched to tan/red. Then I was later told I put my patch in the wrong spot (I have it ABOVE the seam on a short-sleeve tan shirt, rather than on the cuff below the seam. Jeesh!!!)


Centennial Uniforms? I have no idea what those are. As a CM I tell my new DLs to get the "tan uniform shirts." So, the local scout shop have a big sale on womens' uniforms at the moment. $5 a piece. I told all my female DLs about it. Are they "centennial uniforms?" Who knows? Who cares? I'm just happy to get the DLs and committee members in uniform.


Are there really "uniform Nazis" out there who badger people about this?


Yes, the uniform is important...I've said as much in these forums. But there seems to be a great deal of confusion and misinformation about this particular item!

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Centenial uniforms, aka CUs, are the new tan and green uniforms with the "smokes pocket" on the left sleeve, zip off pants legs,new belt, etc. Basically someone wanted to get rid of all the red on the BS uniform.



As for where the trained patch goes,it depends upon wheather you are wearing a CU shirt with the pocket, or older Oscar DeLarenta shirt ( aka ODL). ODL shirts without the pocket on the sleeve, the trained strip goes under and touching the POR pacth you are trained in. If you are wearing a CU, then it goes on the pocket flap above the POR patch.


And yes there are 'uniform NAZIS" out there.



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Yup, I just checked the insignia guide so I'm confident I have the patch in the right spot, touching the round position patch rather than on the sleeve cuff.


Makes me want to get out my old pre-1980 Olive green uniform which, as you can probably tell by my ID, I was wearing when I began as a Boy Scout...though I'm guessing it might be a tight squeeze....

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The numerals on Cub Scouts, and their leaders, should be red/white. These can be purchased by anyone at the local Scout Shop.


The color of the trained strip is what ever color is given you. Some councils are very diligent about only giving red/white trained strips to Cub leaders. Some councils stopped ordering the red/white trained strips. Some give out what ever they have handy.


I am not about to argue about it, or try to trade in a trained strip for a different color. Personally I have a number of them in both red, and green, so I just put the correct color on the correct uniform.

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