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New and larger neckers are great!

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I could have swore there was a thread once about this very same thing...But I cannot find it!


I am 6'2" and 247 pounds. The first Cub Scout Leader necker fit around my neck, but I looked like a clown wearing a miniture hat!

The two parts through the slider were only maybe 3 " through the slider.


I went out and bought the new larger size last Weds, but didn't wear it until yesterday.


IT WAS GREAT! It was proportioned right for an adult and looked alot beter!


So, to that previous post that asked about the larger neckers..YEP! They are here and they are great!

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the new neckers are great - however it would have been nice if they had kept the same color choices available.


my son's troop necker coloring is no longer available so the boys had to select a new one so that when we have new crossovers everyone would match. We've always gotten new crossovers their necker, but we can't afford to buy a new one for every boy so the boys already established in the troop had to get a new one. To most in our troop this isn't that big of a deal, but for some it really does.


although that said - I do like the coloring of the new one they selected :o)

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I too love the new neckerchiefs, except for the toned-down colors. Perhaps National will bring back some of the old colors. I bought the red with black, and also the black with red and green with red. Ok, you guessed-I have over 70 neckerchiefs. Now if only they would bring back the Magnus slides too!

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