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New Venturing Shirt has arrived....

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Fellow Venturers,



I'm not a big fan of this new Venturing shirt.


Just to chime in and add my 2 cents. I've made a few phone calls to NSC, and got just a few hints. Nothing absolute though.


I called the NSC toll free number a few weeks ago, as the regular sizes Venturing Uniform shirts started to disappear from the Scoutstuff.org. My Crew very recently has had a few more youth joining our Crew, and attempting to complete their uniform.


Of course, they are BSA NSC employees. Sometimes they do not know about the program, they are just reading from a webpage and can sometimes see just a little bit more than the average online customer can see. Every so often, you do get a NSC 1800 operator that is also a Scouter, that can appreciate what they sale.


The NSC sales clerk I spoke to a few weeks ago said a new Venturing uniform shirts are due out in August 2010. She read it off of a BSA NSC office memo circular.


Now I make another couple of phone calls this week.

So, after reading our forum and a few other Scouting/Venturing blogs last night. I tried the BSA NSC telephone once again. The sales clerk was sympathetic to my questions, but was not experienced with the BSA programs. Although, the clerk did have a supervisor that is a tenured NSC sales clerk and a Scouter.


Last night (Thursday), It was still the first time for the sales clerk and his supervisor to view this New Venturing Shirt online image and online description.


The NSC telephone sales supervisor, also speculates (caveated) that this is probably a Venturing Activity shirt (similar to the beige activity shirt with ghost fdl and BSA logo). He could not qualify his speculation, but thought it may be an activity shirt and not a uniform shirt. And also, the NSC telephone sales supervisor suspects that the wrong description was tagged to the wrong sales item.


Anyways... It's not much.. but that is my 2 cents and a few phone calls.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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Hmmm an activity shirt costing more than a uniform shirt, I think they fed you a line of bull and did not know what they were talking about. In any case this is just another example why there should be NO official Venturing uniform, it is not part of the program,and our crew members should not be allowed to be duped by this obvious marketing ploy. Crews should create their own uniforms and that is that, including wearing them at jamborees and all official events.

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I think I'm on the fence with what BP has commented on.


Yes, I think the uniform should be left up to the crew...and if they decide that it's pink tutu's and Hawaiian shirts, so be it.


But I do think there should be a "National" uniform for things like trainings, regional and national events, ect.....and it shouldn't be a $40 shirt. The "old" cotton/ploy blend spruce green shirts should go for no more than $20 a pop, and they'd still be making money on them. Plus, add a decent pair of pants or shorts...the "older" grey canvas ones that are on sale weren't bad, except for the weird back pockets.


If BSA is trying to tell us that they want Venturing to be a "seperate" entity, (which they are and always should be) by changing the uniform, then they should start by motifying the uniform guide and drop the Boy Scout stuff from being worn on the Venturing uniform and unclutter it.


Remove the giant white venturing patch from the right sleeve, don't allow OA flaps to be worn but instead wear your universal arrow ribbon, don't allow B/S rank patches to be worn, including Eagle, only the knot. Make the knots with a spruce green background...nothing stands out more than a tan backed knot on a spruce green shirt.



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"But I do think there should be a "National" uniform for things like trainings, regional and national events"


To me this makes no sense. If the crew can pick their uniform then that's the uniform they should be allowed to wear at training, regional and national events. To me that's a waste of money making a crew buy a second National uniform that they may wear once. I also think that Scouts should be able to wear their AOL and BS rank since they it's the highest rank that they earned in previous programs.


Mark M.

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