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Additional information on the new Founder Bar.

See http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2010/05/new-insignia-recognizes-a-units-founding-members.html


Also, http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/522-011.pdf


If you were a member of the unit's original charter, you can wear the Founder Bar under the unit number on your uniform (if you are still a member of that unit). If you were a founding member of a unit in your youth but are now a member of a different unit, you don't wear the Bar. For instance, if you were a founding member of Troop 22 but you are now a member of Troop 88, you wouldn't wear the Bar for Troop 88.

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The founder's bar is earned IF your name is on the original charter (the New-Unit application), or you join before the first-recharting date, AND the New-unit charter has been accepted by the council.


That means if your unit is 4 months old, and the New-Unit application has been completely processed by council, you are allowed to wear the Founder bar.

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The http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/522-011.pdf web page is the official BSA release states the following.


"Once the unit has completed its charter, members may begin wearing the Founders Bar. The Founders Bar is worn on the left shoulder below the unit numerals."


I know the troops scouts would love to get this patch but they can wait.

Local1400, I wish I was a member of an older troop like my old scout Troop 336 of Catonsville, MD it was 44 years old when I aged out. The troop folded due to lack of trained leadership around the 50 year mark which still saddens me.


Mark M.


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