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Rank pins? Where and how?

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Where are Boy Scout rank pins (not patches) used for? Are they for uniform wear or just a memento? I notice that they are restriced items, but have never seen a reference to them in any insignia guide.


Example at:




Note that these are not the same as parent pins. These are larger and are restricted items.

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Stone Cold is correct.


We've had them from day one. You wear them in place of the patch.


The scout could also use them as a memento, but more on the line of a hat pin or the like, not to be wearing them on other parts of the uniform (ie, no wearing them on the lapels or the epaulepts.)


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yep they are worn in lieu of the patch. I personally would wear it on the smokey bear, if I was a youth. What I find funny si that according to the IG, all scouts, irregardless of rank, are suppose to wear the First Class Pin on the expedition and campaign.

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You are referring to the mom's pins, which are miniture rank pins and are not restricted. This is the link to the parent's pins.



What is being refered to si the actual rank pins that have been in esistence since 1910. One example is the Life rank Pin below



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Life, metal miniature pin, No. 00123, mother, civilian wear. (politically correct name is now parents pin)


Life Rank pin, measures 1" x 1" ($3.89) is a restricted item. This is somethimes refered to as a Standard Pin (available for all ranks). On scoutstuff.org it is listed as a "gift" item so I'm not sure why it would be restricted. The First Class Rank Pin is gold-tone and is slightly more expensive at $24.95 and slightly larger 1.5" by 1.125" and not restricted. Go figure.


The activity uniform is worn during travelling or other occasions in which the field uniform would not be appropriate wear. A small pin denoting the rank of the Scout may be worn on the left side below the words "Boy Scout" (referencing the red BSA polo shirt).


When scouting began in the U.S. in 1910, the rank badges were issued only as pins. The Tenderfoot pin was worn on the left pocket flap. Second Class and First Class were worn on the left sleeve. Life, Star and Eagle were worn above the left pocket.


Cloth badges for Second Class, First Class, Life and Star were first issues in 1913. Tenderfoot was thought of as a temporary rank and before 1921 was represented as a pin similar to the presentation of the Bobcat pin in Cub Scouts before it became a cloth badge.



In these early years, the pins and cloth badges were issued in both gold and silver. Silver denoted the scout was a patrol leader. Gold was for everyone else. Again, since only Second Class, First Class and Tenderfoot as a combination badge were worn on the sleeve, only these ranks were made in gold and silver. Even with the silver badge, scouts were given patrol leader and assistant patrol leader green bars cloth badges beginning in 1914 and senior patrol leader in 1915.


Until 1925, Life was earned before Star. (lifted from www.sageventure.com)




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The reason why First Class is no longer restricted is b/c decided to use that specific pin as a hat pin for the expedition and campaign hats. Youth wear that one, adults wear the pewter one. The removed the restriction in '96 or 97 and I made the comment to my manager that it was a mistake. They should make the rest of the ranks the same size as the First Class pin and authorize the rank pins to be worn.


Oh well.


As for the price, I beleive that's a typo.

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