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Commissioner 2000 patch

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I picked up my UC and ADC patches today. I like them. I hope that they go to this design permanently (minus the 1910 and 2010). It's an improvement over the regular design.


Also picked up a 2010 Eagle rank patch for my collection. It's the only rank patch that doesn't look terrible with the 2010 added to it, probably because it blends right into the existing design.

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I have my 2010 UC patch as well - very nice.


I always liked the "old patches" - of course the ADC who trained me was a "Neighborhood Commissioner" and wore the old patch, long after they had come out with the new ones (since he trained me in 1976, and the patches changed in 1972 or so). But I really like the old Neighborhood Commissioner patches.


So I pick them up from time-to-time, and I use them as little 'gifts' when I hear of a Commissioner doing a great job - just a "me-to-you" thing, but when I witness a Commissioner really being dedicated to Commissioner Service - then I think they need a pat on the back -- because most of the time, it is not noticed.


I hope we do keep these patches (less the 1910-2010) in the future -- it is a better connection to our past.

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