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Temp Patch Question

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This is probably a dumb question...but if you know me,...You know "I ain't scared to ask!" LOL!


I just finished my BALOO training yesterday, and I wanted to sew my BALOO patch on my right pocket as a temporary patch.


Now, I'm pretty sure I'm way overthinking this, and making a bigger issue than what it is, but here goes:


Is a BALOO patch ok to use as a temporay patch?

Should it be sewn on the right pocket or be secured to one of those temporary "hook on your button thingys? " (sorry, the name has totally eluded me right now.)


Or do I put it on my right sleeve as I have seen some various leaders from various packs do with a few different patches?(or is that a different matter entirely?)


Speaking of different packs..I'm not a member of the uniform police - but they would have had a field day at BALOO training yesterday. You could almost identify what pack was what by the way the patches were put on.


Anyways, Where does that patch go? Not trying to pat myself on the back.. But I wouldn't mind sporting the patch around for a day or two before I put it away with my other scout stuff.


Thanks! Mark

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Get yourself a copy of the Boy Scout Handbook. On the inside front and back covers are guides for the placement of patches on the scout uniform. If you you follow these you should be good to go. A uniform inspection sheet has the placement as well.


Your Ballo patch from the sounds of it is a tempoary patch and would be worn on the right pocket as you said. So to save yourself some time get a "Hook on your button thingy", you can use it for other event patches as well.


Wear your patch with pride. You will earn it over and over again.



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Concur don't go by others, I've seen all kinds of things done. the Insignia Guide found here



And the Uniform Inspection Sheets found here



are the best resources.



According to the Uniform inspection sheet, as a CS leader you have the option of 1 temporary pact EITHER on the right pocket OR above the right pocket in what is commonly referred to as the "Jambo Patch spot." Now I can understand female leaders wearing it above the pocket, wish they would allow female Venturers the courtesy, and have no reason why they included male CS leaders int hat rule, but they are.(This message has been edited by Eagle92)

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ditto on not following what you see others do. This past weekend I saw a Tiger Cub leader who had his Tiger Cub Leader Knot on his right sleeve and his trained strip on his left pocket flap.


The 'wear temporary patch above the right pocket' ONLY applies to FEMALE Cub Scout leaders. I thought it ONLY applied if they wore a blouse, not sure if it applies if they wear the standard tan shirt.


Using plastic patch holders is great for easily swapping out temporary patches. Some patches come with a button loop. My view is that if a patch comes with a button loop, one should NOT sew it down. But that's me.


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I pretty much don't follow things I see. I go by my uniform guide or the diagrams at the back of the books,


My confusion came about because some patches seem to have rules based on the particular patch and not the standard unifrom guide. I doo see people put big gaps between council and den number patches. I see den numbers on the wrong side. I have seen people wear "Trained" patches without having more than committee fast start training.


But I never saw a BALOO patch until I was handed one after completeing my training. And one instructor had his on his right pocket, but another instructor had a Wood Badge patch there so his BALOO was on his right arm.

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"Cub Scout leaders and female leaders wearing the official uniform shirt or blouse may wear one temporary insignia centered above the Boy Scouts of America strip."



I suspect this is because you don't have CS leaders going to Jamboree's typically.

The blouse rule is obviously because only women may wear the blouse, I suspect the Regular uniform shirt got the approval for both genders as it would be more uniform for a given unit to do one or the other assuming women would prefer to have the temp patch in the higher location.





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Emb and BDPT

I hate to say it, but the Uniform Inspection sheet does state that CS leaders can wear 1 temp patch over the pocketor on the pocket. I quote the passage below and bold the sentence.


Temporary insignia, including one current world Scout jamboree

patch, centered on pocket. Only one temporary insignia

may be worn at a time, and they are not required for correct

uniforming. Cub Scout leaders and female leaders

[italics in original]wearing the official uniform shirt or

blouse may wear one temporar insignia centered above the Boy

Scouts of America strip.


When I was first told about this and read it, I thought it was a misprint, contacted national about the error via email and the MYSCOUTING.ORG Publication Errors group. haven't heard back. I do think it's odd that CS leaders irregardless of gender can choose where to wear their temp insignia. And as stated above, wish they would let the female Ventureres the option if they are goign to let all "female leaders" the option.


Me personally I ain't wearing a temp patch above the pocket. I wear my WSJ patch in the 'jambo spot. Also I strongly recommended temp insignia on the pocket.


Also you would think that a WBer would know better than to place temp insignia on the uniform.


In retrospect, maybe a simplified uniform would be the way to go. I don't ever remember this many problems with uniforming as a youth as there is today.

(This message has been edited by Eagle92)(This message has been edited by Eagle92)

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Challenge is that you also have female Boy Scout and Venturing leaders who are female. So if you wanted uniformity within a unit, Boy Scout and Venturing leaders should also have the options using your argument, shouldn't they?


Not trying to be a PITA, but am actually trying to bring an awareness to what I believe is a misprint, but apparently is not.


If I am going overboard, I apologize in advance, BUT I've been told I'm a member of the Uniform Police, and yes this irks me a little. :) Ok I'm outta here, gotta go cut off a bunch of knots and resew them on my uniforms since I got new one last nite that messes up my personal order of precedence per IG. ;)

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You quoted: "Cub Scout leaders and female leaders

[italics in original]wearing the official uniform shirt or blouse may wear one temporar insignia centered above the Boy Scouts of America strip."


I can't find such a quote. The Cub Leaders' yellow blouse has no right pocket, and the proper position for their temporary patch is above the BSA strip. I would submit that any other interpretation or extrapolation of that is incorrect.


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Cub Scout leaders and female leaders may wear one temporary patch centered above the BSA strip.


To me, that says that ALL female leaders, regardless of in which program they are involved, may center their temp patch up high. I had been told it was only an option for female leaders in Cub Scouting. (As a female leader, I've avoided the question by not wearing any temporary patches anywhere.)

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Like I said, I think it could be worded better, i.e. " All Female leaders...." because not every CS leader is female, I'm a case in point. ;) By stating that "CS leaders and female leaders...." it does allow male CS leaders the option. Case in point is a pic of a Cub Scouter in complete uniform with a NCS patch above the pocket, and of course nothign on the pocket.


And as I stated previously I would add female Venturers to the rule as well, since some of them have the same "challenges" as the female leaders.



FYI, the newer yellow blouses do have pockets. My wife personally hates the yellow and blue uni, as well as teh centennial uni, and decided to go retro with a vintage 1950s den mother uniform.



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It's an interesting question (to me anyway), and I agree that it's very poorly worded. If this has to do with perhaps the delicate issue of a woman wearing a patch on her pocket, then saying "Cub Leader" is irrelevant. Using the terms blouse and shirt also make it confusing. Are a shirt and a blouse two different things, and by whose definition? A female leader can obviously wear both a temp patch and a Jambo patch at the same time. It sounds to me as if the book is saying that they can wear one temp patch, and its location is optional. Doesn't matter if the leader is a Cubber or not. Part of the wording in the Insignia Guide is "optional tan leader blouse." Is that in reference to your basic Scout shirt, or is a bouse not the same as a shirt in this case?

I've never noticed this before, and I'll see if I can shake the bushes a bit.


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