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New LNT Trainer patch

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the patch has the cat # 18185 on the back, but so far its not on scoutstuff


This is a POR patch, Leave No Trace Trainer is in Green letters surrounding a center graphic of 3 pine type trees with purple mountains, birds and fish jumping from a stream along with a white fleur d lise





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Has anyone seen or heard anything official about how the new LNT Trainer POR is to be implemented by troops? Our DE and council training chair have no information and I could not find anything at the BSA web site.


If LNT.org is to be a guide, the troop LNT Trainer would take a two day class from an LNT master educator. I know BSA looks outside for CPR certification but it would be unusual for BSA to outsource training for a POR. (And are LNT master educators to be YP trained?)


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