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How to Wear Outdoor Activity and Summertime Activity Awards

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Here's one that's about to be confusing for me and a few parents. Last year my son earned the Outdoor Activity Award, so he's got the pocket flap patch. No problem.


This year he earned the Outdoor Activity Award again and it is supposed to be pinned through the patch on the pocket? Any particular place?


Also, he earns the Summertime Activity Award and gets to wear it on the right pocket flap too. Just pin it through the patch too?


He's very proud of those acheivements and enjoyed earning them very much. I'm sure he'll want to display them both.



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Yeah, but that picture doesn't handle all cases...


My son has his Outdoor Activity Award patch, 2 Summertime Award pins, plus 2 (or maybe 3) of the Wolf Track pins that are used for subsequent Outdoor Activity Awards.


I leave it up to him, and he figures out an arrangement on the right pocket flap that looks neat and organized. Alternately, just wear the last one earned or whatever.


I will be looking forward to Boy Scouts as my son's uniform will be substantially de-blinged. As it is now, there's about 7 or 8 things pinned to his shirt and the little suckers can find all the good places to hide in washing machine!



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