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merit badges

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There is no specified order for merit badges on the merit badge sash.


I've seen the following...


order earned

required in the middle column


I've never seen alphabetical, and don't think I've ever seen required-non required.


Personally, I think order earned is the simplest.

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I've only seen two ways:


1) order earned regardless of "eagle" or "non-eagle"


2) order earned but the "eagles" all on top and the "non-eagle" below... the boy I saw with this measured up number he'd have that were "eagle" and then started the others below.


thankfully my son picked number 1 - it makes sewing them on so much easier because I don't have to worry about where to put them unless he gets a few at the same time and then he lays them out for me in order.

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However the scout wants to sew them on himself ;) And correct sometimes it is hard deciding what end is up, that why I recommend the scout sewing them on himself as he should already have the resources showing how it is worn.

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We had a scout (mom) who sewed the MBs on one son's sash (not the other son) on the wrong side. At the time, the troop had not conducted a uniform inspection for years, andit was not noticed until he went up for his Eagle BoR. No real criticism was given, but it did get an amusing laugh out of those present.

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