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What patch(s) means the most to you?

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At first, I would have said my ADL patch because it means I'm not just a parent who sits in the corner, but acts like I do everything.


But then I realized that some ADL's as well as DL's DO wear the patch and pretty much sit in the corner and let others do everything, and take credit for it ( thank goodnes it's rare!)


So for now, my BALOO patch. It's my first "earned" patch as I did not just go out and buy it. I earned it, Hopefully, I can say that as soon as I get it, my TRAINED patch will be my favorite because it shows two things:

1) I am actually committing to learning skills, ideas , and methods to actually help the program..

2) I have actual training behind my ideas instead of "This ought to be okay!"



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Since each of my patches tell a story, I'm limiting it down to 4.


1) Eagle Patch/Square Knot. When I was 17, I didn't realize the impact of earning Eagle would have ever had on my life.


2) Philmont OA Trail Crew Arrowhead. (2004 Crew: 706-OATC-B) Probably one of the best trips to Philmont I've ever experienced. Nothing like having your office on the side of a mountain looking out to Baldy Mountain.


3) Scoutmaster Position - Maybe it's more of a reward measure, but there's nothing greater (in my mind) thank helping young men learn life skills that well help them develop into great men.


4) 2001 National Jamboree Patch - Okay, granted the 2010 Jamboree will by my 3rd, but '01 was the most memorable for me. Seriously, who else had to get two stitches in the back of the head from a plunger. That's what I though.

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Hi all,


I'll throw my 3 more important into the ring


1. Eagle Scout/Eagle Knot... nuff said.

2. Religious Service Knot

3. Aviation Merit Badge... small story behind this one, my dad was my merit badge counselor and as a graduate of Aviation HS, Certified Aircraft Mechanic and just an all around passionate lover of all things that fly he was triply tough on me with this badge. I worked extra hard and went several extra miles to make him proud. Knowing I past his muster made that MB the one I'm most proud of earning.

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Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation Staff patch - made friends with people I still hang out with 20 years later, learned important things about camping, friendship and leadership. I got to help people learn to swim (WATERFRONT FOR THE WIN!!!) and now my sons camp there :)

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1: Cubmaster position patch: Because it represents starting all over with my son and that I am being involved with him through his adventure just like my father did with me.


2: "Den 2" patch: Because it is the Den that my son and I started in together last year as Tiger and Tiger DL.


3: Fox Patrol patch: Because I have become real good friends with the guys in my patrol.


Like others, there are other patches that I am very proud of including my Eagle knot. There are awards that have humbled me including my Vigil sash. But at this point in my life, it is starting all over with my son that brings me the greatest joy and excitement.

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Well, for Eagle, my medal means more. I had to get an extension for my Eagle, so I never got to wear the patch, so it doesn't hold much.


For patches, I have two lodge flaps that mean a lot to me. The first is my elangomat flap. Our lodge give each elangomat a special flap. It shows the service you have done by going through the ordeal again to assist your brothers on their journey. The other is my Vigil Honor flap. For Ordeal and Brotherhood, you pay for your flap and sash with the fees for the weekend. The Vigil Flap is given to you, and shows the commitment that you have, and that others see in you. Those two patches have never been placed on my uniform, but remain in my patch binder.

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The one patch that I have that really means something to my is my old ship patch. I had the unfortunate honor of being the last person to wear that patch. It now sits on my desk as a reminder of all the good times I had with that ship.

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Funny, I was just discussing this very thing with a scouter friend the other day.


While Im proud of my Tiger and Cub Scout Den Leader knots (I certainly earned them!), the patch that means the most to me is my old Explorer patch with the big funky E outline with the flag of the Explorers Club on New York within the E at the bottom.


Im a little hazy on the details, but apparently the Explorers Club of New York sponsored Boy Scout Explorers posts back in the early 1970s (maybe they still do). The focus was on science and as I had indicated an interest in archaeology on a high school questionnaire I was invited to join the Post that operated out of Boston University.


It was a fun and interesting experience, but the most meaningful part was that I became close friends with a couple of guys who joined the Post at the same time and with whom I remained close well into my adult years. One is on the West Coast now, the other is unfortunately deceased. My deceased friend introduced me to one of his co-workers and through that guy I was introduced to a whole new circle of friends, one of whom would become my loving wife of 22 years and four kids.


I never did become an archaeologist, but joining that Explorer Post set in motion enjoyable events that have brought me to where I happily am today. You could say that it even brought me, through my boys, back into Scouting.





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Scoutmaster patch and William D. Boyce knot. This is what God has called me to do, to start our Troop and serve as SM. I didn't want to do it initially. When my son crossed over into Boy Scouts, we visited several Troops and he decided which one he wanted to join. The Troop turned out to be different than we expected, and that was when God interveened. The path to starting a new Troop was laid out like the proverbial yellow brick road, and everything fell into place. Some people find out early in life what God has planned for them. Others, like me, have to wait until much later. Those patches are reminders that I am serving a higher authority.

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Well, earlier, I said it would be my trained patch. And yeah, simple as it is, it makes me feel pretty good.


But a few things changed since then, so now my CubMaster patch means the most to me.


Earlier this summer, I was approached by the Former Cub Master with the full endorsement of the ACM, CC and COR to become the new Cub Master.


It,s an honor and I am flattered because they thought I was the person who most exemplified the God,Family , and Country values , and that I had no problem letting my inner 9 year old come out.

I can get serious with other leadership when neccesary, but I also get along with everybody too.


Anyways, I can say that my Cub Master patch means the most to me.....especially as I didn't even see it coming!

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