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What patch(s) means the most to you?

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Patches tell story's, they mean more to the person who earned them than to the person who buys it off of E-bay. So tell us what patch you have that mean the most to you? something that you worked really hard for and wear with pride. Here are my top 3:


#1-I dont have my eagle yet but i'm confident this fall i will pass my B.O.R and when i do ill be most proud of it!


#2-Philmont Patch ..some people did'nt think i could do it, not being the slimmest scout in the troop but i did and completed trek 33!


#3-OA pocket flap, it shows that my fellow scouts think highly of me enough to let me undertake such a challenge and come out wiser and over all a better scout than i was.



What are your favorite awards?

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Well, a little different take I have is that a patch is more valuable to me if: 1) I had to earn it and 2) I couldn't get an additional one (other then doing it again, or somehow getting it off ebay).


So, in no particular order, for me its:


1. My original Philmont Arrowhead, which I got back in 1982. Its my standard temporary insignia (worn with the OA 75th Anniversary ribbon and vigil pin) which I'm usually always wearing, unless I temporarily swap it out.


2. My original OA flap. I've worn a lot of OA flaps since I joined. But the one that is valuable to me is my original one, back when my lodge only sold them one per event. Maybe not the best design, but I thought it pretty good.


3. My Sea Base participant patch. I was very upset when I received the Sea Base Weekend participant patch, then returned to Sea Base a few years later and found they were selling them as if they were any other patch.


Other ones I value: My Sea Base Conference participant patch, NLS, NLATS patches.

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What an interesting question...


I'm not sure I could put them in a particular order of priority, so I'll just list them in the order they came into my head.


#1 - 1989 National Scout Jamboree emblem patch - yeah, I was 12, but it was a heck of an experience



#2 - 1992 Sand Hill Scout Reservation Summer Camp patch - this was the one and only year I worked at my council summer camp. I made a lot of friends from other troops and also became more involved in OA as a result.



#3 - Timuquan Lodge 340 OA flap (Blue Book S14) - This was my OA flap following my ordeal. I still wear it on one of my uniforms.



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OOOH tough question.


On my uniform I would say


1)my Eagle Knot as I barely earned barely,

2)my OA Flap (which has a Vigil border on it) as I was honored by my troop to be nominated, and later nominated by my old lodge to be Vigil, and

3)WSJ patch as it took me two years to save up for the troop that included the WSJ.


If I was setting up a display it would be the following


1) Original Eagle patch

2) My second troop's patch. thatw as the troop I spent 6/7 years in scouting in, got my Eagle in, first served as an ASM, and have too many memories to not include it. Heck It is rigt in fron of me as I am typing.

3)My European Camp Staff Programme patch.Spent 11 weeks as part of the program and spent 2 years saving the money to do it and 95 WSJ.


(This message has been edited by eagle92)

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Very interesting question. Got me thinking.


1. Patrol Leader patch - the Rattlesnakes of Troop 383. My first and most difficult job as a Boy Scout.


2. Wilderness Survival MB patch. My summer camp merit badge class did our overnight at the most remote outpost on the reservation, got miserably lost on the way there, had a great campfire and told stories. Then we stayed up all night in our shelters listening to the mosquitoes buzzing in our ears. It was fantastic.


3. Summer camp patch from 1994, my first year on staff as a lowly CIT. It was the beginning of five incredible years that I wouldn't trade for anything.



I'll throw in a No. 4... not a patch, but close enough ... My Den Chief Service Award cord. I was DC for two dens, totaling about five years altogether. It taught me so much about working with younger kids, and the joy of seeing them grow and learn.

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My 1969 Matagamon Wilderness Base patch for canoeing the Allagash river in Northern Maine. This was in the days before Fiberglass and Aluminum canoes. We had 18ft wood and canvas monsters, that took 4 boys to portage. 135 Miles in 10 Days.

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1 - Eagle patch

2 - Philmont Arrowhead patch

3 - First summer camp patch

4 - Lifeguard BSA...though I earned this in the late '70s, I was given a previous version of the patch from the '50s...our DE found a stack of the old patches and LBSA cards in the basement of the scout council office, and presented these at scout camp that summer

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Eagle Scout and (Not really a patch) my Vigil Honor sash that I recieved in 2007.


Eagle Scout showed my personal dedication and hard work to achieve such a wonderful award. But my Vigil Sash showed me that all my endevors in the Scouting program wasnt just for me but was also for others, i dont consider my Eagle better than recieving Vigil nor the same in vise-versa.

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1. Eagle badge.

2. SPL badge.

3. 1983 Jamboree.

4. Wilderness survival MB.


I'm now in my third year of four as a Cubmaster. When all is said and done, think I'll be able to add the CM knot I have recently picked-up to that list.

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Hmmm. Since some people are doing more than three, I'll add my Eagle badge/medal/knot as #4 behind my Jamboree patch, my first OA flap and camp patch from my summer on staff. While Eagle was certainly a highlight of my scouting career, I find it ranks a bit lower on my list than those other group experiences I had.

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