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Philmont Belt (Leather)

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i got a question. I thought i lost my Philmont leather belt, its amazing what you can find when you clean your room lol. in 2 or 3 weeks our troop is having a court of honor and i wanted to know if the Leather Philmont belt with the metal belt buckle was Class A? in about 1 month ill be going to my Eagle B.O.R can it be worn there?



-Nick of Troop 412/

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Nick, that's not the best attitude to have. You never know that one of the folks here might actually be a certified Eagle Guest in your District.


Anyway, whether you have a Philmont stock leather belt, if someone going to PTC tooled you one, or you have a nylon Philmont belt, wear it with pride :)

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As an Eagle mentor, please accept this advice in the spirit of Helpfulness.


You SHOULD care. It DOES matter.


Communication is the way we present ourselves to others and poor grammar, mis-pellings and careless punctuation do not leave a good impression. You are correct that these posts on an internet forum are more casual that a term paper or your resume, and we do forgive obvious typos and also those posters who clearly do not know better. You know better, however. Are we to assume that you just don't care enough about our opinions to take the time? Texting your friends is one thing, but here you are leaving a permanent record for tens of thousands, possibly more. Take the time.

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NickP412 and Fellow Scouters,



Wearing a Philmont Belt during an EBOR (or any BOR) may raise questions. Certainly a good discussion topic. (As with anything you wear on your uniform)


Scouting Forever and Venture On!


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