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No one likes the new uniform

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On the pilling of the Switchbacks, mine still have not, maybe it's because they have always been line dried. In winter they dry in the house quite quickly. Anybody else not using a clothes dryer and having thi9s result?


The boonie hat, have seen one but it was too small, and even floppier than the beret.

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Can't imagine why anyone would like the old polyester pants over the new canvas switchbacks. Pockets that actually work! A new belt that is man-sized and grips all day long.


I have both the new poplin and the supplex shirts. While the poplin is much crisper as a troop meeting shirt, the supplex works the best as an outing shirt for say, camporee. The double pleat back and pockets that can hold something is very nice.


Socks? Seriously, does anyone own any socks with red tops that they would wear with shorts outside of Scouting? The new socks are the right material and the right colors. Another plus.


I use the shoulder pocket to hold a mini LED light, penknife and emergency whistle all on a carabiner. Works slick.


All in all, they got it right with the new uniform.


CMM(This message has been edited by Cubmaster Mike)

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prairie - I line-dry my switchbacks alongside my daughter's school uniforms, and they do just fine.


CMM - Chalk me up for liking the red-top knee socks. They were practical (anti-tick protection) and looked sharp. But with the uniform now lacking red loops, I'm not sure they'd match as well.

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We've had no pilling on our Switchback pants. We put'em in the dryer.


Knee highs? I wear them under my 9" boots in long pants, but with shorts? Not since the '70s has this been a good idea. Now maybe in the deep wilderness there is some merit (ticks, burs, etc) but I know of no youth who would wear them! But I still miss them. :((This message has been edited by ntrog8r)

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I grew up with the OD uniform and the knee-high socks (with garters and red tabs!). Had to switch into the OdlR uniform before I made Eagle. At the time, I saw no reason to change from the old OD uniform but didn't have any problems with the OdlR. In fact, the OdlR shorts and pants seemed more practical.


Flash forward to 2009. I like the supplex shirts I've got from both REI and BSA. I wore them all summer as I camped and sailed but I detest the Centennial uniform shirts. They look horrible as uniform shirts (bellowed pockets were just stupid), switching the colors of troop numerals is yet another loss of Scouting heritage. If National wanted a Centennial uniform, I personally think they should have started with past uniforms and updated the cuts and design a little.


My major complaint is that the new uniform is impractical from a cost perspective. Everything is hugely expensive -- especially considering just how many uniforms a quickly growing Scout will go through.


My other pet peeve is that EVERYTHING in the new uniform is made in the PRC. The new belt is a nice utilitarian design. The convertible pants look pretty functional (although I prefer the design of my convertibles from other sources). But ... but ... they couldn't find suppliers in a democratic capitalist country? The new patches just look cheap. I guess I'll be springing to get some decent troop numeral patches made (in the US!) -- and probably US flags and other patches.


I would suggest my opinion counts for little because what the Scouts think is more important but count this adult as a strong NO on the Centennial uniform.

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