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Is the campaign hat still relevant?

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Eagle92, I won't ask about the shooting incident because you asked me not to, but I sure wish we were all sitting around the fire with a fresh pot of coffee on, sounds like a good one!


NRP1488, thank you for the tip, much appreciated.

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I like the campaign hat.

I will likely add one to my uniform within the next year or so!

A couple of adults had them when I was a youth. They were sharp individuals who really knew their stuff.

I'd say, wear it with pride!

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Back in the mid 1980's, we had a good relationship with a couple that ran a military surplus store out of Elmira, NY. The used to give us awesome deals on items that did not sell. So they gave us about 65 campaign hats for $20. Most were for small heads (boys) and they thought that our troop could use them. Some were in poor shape which were for camp outs and the nice ones were kept for special ocassions. So everybody in the troop got a couple hats. Other troops got some as well. We had a parade and most of the people that marched was wearing a Campaign Hat. We looked sharp! RD

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I do own a campaign hat.

Have only ever worn it back in the day for WB courses.

I don't like hats, caps or most things that sit on top of my old white haired noggin.

The hat is a pain. Transporting it, looking after it is just way too much work.

Back when the new WB course first came along. I remember talking with a guy who was going to be the CD for the next course that our cluster offered. A great guy, wonderful Scouter. He stated that for "His" course he wanted "His" staff in the red wool jackets along with campaign hats.

Sadly the course didn't get enough people signed up and the course never happened.

I was the next CD.

I looked long and hard at the uniforming for the staff.

I was very worried as a couple of years before I'd sat through a two hour discussion at a staff development weekend about socks! The burning question of the day was if the staff should wear long socks or short socks! I might not lead a very exciting life? But two hours talking about socks? - Get a life!

The Staff that ended up serving on NE-IV-53 came from all the program areas, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturing.

The Campaign hat was only ever the official head gear for Boy Scouting! So if we were going to be in correct uniform only the Boy Scouter's should have worn that hat.

We went with a ball cap that everyone, both staff and participants wore.

I think the campaign hat is about as relevant as the buggy whip!

Mine sits in the what-ever-you-call-it? That cost about $15.00 that holds campaign hats. Inside of it are a pack of hat rain coats. Man oh man we don't want a hat that gets wet! It takes up more room than what I might pack for a weekend away. I don't want to throw it out because it cost way too much.

I'll be happy when the day come that campaign hats are gone never to return.

There was a thread up a week or so back about Scouter's uniforms and Scouter's egos? I'll say no more!


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I don't wear it all of the time.

Since I like it crisp, brushed, and pressed I don't view it as a camping item - but I can see why some would want to.


But to announce to New Parents and "Hopefully" Incoming Webelos parents who the Scoutmaster is so they can have identified me, there isn't anything better to wear to a new parent meeting that lets them know who you are before the individual introductions and that "marks" the SM so they can find him if they forgot who was who in the mass of info we throw at them.


And yes on the odd occasion when I wear it in the wild - the raincoat rides in the brims sweat band. If you fold it flat and place it properly it can actually improve the fit.


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I wear the campaign hat for 2 reasons. I am a sentimentalist at heart, it was the first scout hat. Plus, I need something to keep the sun off my fat little bald head, ears, face, and neck.

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"the raincoat rides in the brims sweat band."

A plastic raincoat in the sweat band?

Doesn't this make more work for the sweat band?


Sorry prairie the hat is the wrong size!


I just checked on e-bay and there is a pair of BSA Leggings for sale!

They'd look great with this hat!

I'd think these would be a must have for all the sentimentalists and traditionalists.



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The old Campaign hat is a classic!

One of the traditions that the UK and other like countries had was adult leaders wearing a hat plume or "brush". The color would stand for what position you held. All Green for SM, All Red for ASM, etc.

From what I was told BP himself had his own custom hat plume of three colors.

Too bad those have faded away. They looked great on the old "Lemon Squeezer". ;o)


Eamonn, do you have any info on that? Did you ever have a plume/brush to wear?


Most of the Scouting world had these at one time EXCEPT BSA.

BSA never went with them for some reason. They had Enameled Hat pins for awhile, different colors for different positions, but they went away in the early 30s

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Brits did away with plumes in the 1960s, so I bet E wouldn't know about them. However their is a history of them out there on the net. Also BP House did sell the all green plumes in the 1990s, I bought two when I was there. Plumes are still worn in a few associations.


When the opportunity came I bought a Centenary Plume from the UK last year. It's two colors, Carolina Blue and State Red. I think you can still get them from the Scout Association's website http://www.scoutshops.com/acatalog/World_Centenary.html

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I'm 34 and I wear the campaign hat still. Wore it when I was a Scout and I wear it today in my Cub Pack. I know the hat is only for the boy scouts and their leaders but I refuse to wear the webelos hat. I am constantly getting mistaken as the guy in charge when I'm not, most people see the hat and see the boss. I convinced the cubmaster to get one also. I have two, I have a Lightweight felt one I got from S&S firearms for $40, and I have a heavy duty military drill Sgt one made by Stratton Hats that I got from ebay for less than $20. I wear the heavy duty one in the field and the light weight one for parades and nice things. The only thing that makes the scout one official is the little logo in the sweatband otherwise my ebay one is just as good if not better. Besides once you wear it all the logo wears off anyway and you can't tell. My son wears one in the field as a Webelos and I'm sure will continue in his troop as headgear is optional. If BSA gets rid of the campaign hat then they might as well shut down because then the last vigil of scouting would be gone. LONG LIVE THE BROWN ROUND!!!

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