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Adults wearing uniforms to boost ego?

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First of all sherminator, I did not hijack or create this thread someone else did, read the first post for a hint. No where do I say not to wear a uniform on either thread either. What I was addressing was a particular group of people who either should not be wearing a uniform because they are no longer registered scouters but still come to events in a uniform looking like a army general with every patch and knot in creation sewn on and trying to tell the volunteers what and how to do things. The second group who serve on occassion in the background as a committee member and feel the need to go around in a uniform anyway, and yes they can do it if they want but what purpose does it really serve, not the youth thats for sure so it must be self serving. The third group who feels the need to have many multiple uniforms for every miniscule task they perform, SM, OA advisor, committee member,district position,activity chair, ad naseum. In some cases it is necessary to have more than one uniform, however in many more cases it is all about ego and showing off to others.


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I'm the one who spun this thread. I didn't know I had to post a minimum number of responses in a 24 hour period:-). I agree with BadenP that non-registered scouters should not even appear in uniform.

Am I proud to wear a uniform when performing my scouting duties? You bet I am. I'm proud of the bsa, even with it's flaws. I follow it's guidelines as written and if I don't agree with them, I try to effect change through proper channels, just like we teach the boys(like in being obedient?). During a period of time when my boys left scouting until I got back involved, it never occured to me to wear a uniform. Even when I was the caretaker at one of our camps.(I was no longer a registered scouter, just a sub-contractor.) Being that I'm at work,I think I'm beginning to ramble. I better get back to work.




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I guessed I must have misunderstood you when you wrote:


"Perhaps this is just regional. In my district, there are ZERO complete uniformed units. At least at camporees (where we intermigle with other units.) We have run across a FEW at summer camp, but easily 90% are as laxed as ours (shirt only)."



I took that to mean your unit, including you, wore shirts only. Glad to know differently.


I still fail to see how I take anything away from the boys by wearing knots or other items. As adult volunteers, we put in tons of hours to make Scouting happen for the boys. In 7 years, I haven't missed a single camping trip, and have only missed 3 or 4 meetings, due to work travel. Total nights camping during that time is 121 nights, including staffing WB or WFA courses. Now, you can say the program is for the boys, and that is true. But if you don't have some pretty dedicated adults, the program isn't going to happen. If after 3 years of service as a CM, wearing a little yellow and blue knot is feeding my ego, then so be it. If anyone thinks I put in those 3 years just to earn a knot, they need to have their head examined. This week alone we had Troop meeting Tues. night, OA meeting Wedn. night, Pack Committee meeting last night, and Troop Annual Planning conference tonight. District training session for online advancement/recharter tomorrow morning. Yep, for the boys, but plenty of backroom meetings just dealing with adults to make it happen. Me, I'll be glad to see the adults wearing a little recognition for all the hard work they put into a program for the boys.

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I must admit I am a little surprised about the tone of some of the post on this thread.


I have two separate shirts for my two main positions in scouting (Scoutmaster and District Commissioner). When I wear the uniform I wear a full scout uniform down to the socks. My SM shirt has CSP, unit numbers, SM position patch, trained strip, quality unit patch and six square knots. I do not wear my climbing instructors patch or a name tag and I normally do not wear temp patches. My DC uniform has CSP, DC position patch, Arrow Head, six knots, OA flap and a name tag. I can not remember ever wearing a temp patch on this uniform. No, I do not wear everything that I can wear on either shirt and try to keep a clean, neat and balanced appearance on both. However, as long as it falls within the guidelines of the uniform guide I do not have a problem with those that wear all their available "bling". (I do not like to see adults that wear numerous quality unit patches or sew temp patches above the right pocket because they can not find room for all their patches.) Yes, this is a program about the boys; however, I have found that most of the scouts enjoy seeing their leaders recognized. Do I rush right out and sew on every new knot the day after I receive it? No. However, many scouts in my troop will notice when I do sew that new knot on and ask about it.


Do I have a problem with a person who is a registered adult and not in a direct contact position wearing a uniform to a scouting event where others are in uniform? No. If they are they are passionate enough about the program to spend over $100.00 for a full uniform then I appreciate their passion and hope it translates to their position of reasonability.


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Eagle92: Re your post on the first page I had the chance to see several Scouts and Scouters in the centennial outfit today and yesterday, with various degrees of adornment on their uniforms.


IMHO, the left sleeve looks odd when the only patch is the CSP such as on a camp staff member but is fine on a unit leader or Scout who has a POR patch. Ditto for rank badges and temp patches on the pockets. They look strange naked. Dont know how to describe it other than that.

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I don't really care what Scouters are wearin' so long as the critical regions are covered and they're doing what they're doing is MOSTLY for the boys (and girls, where applicable).


Scouters come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and foregrounds. God bless every one of them.

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I don't question your dedication to the program. But also, don't question mine, based on my adornment of the uniform. If you came across me at a campfire, would you size up my dedication and experience based on how much bling I have? Or would you treat me like any other scouter?

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A little while back there was a thread about Wood Badge.

Seems some people think I may have only ever gone in order to get the beads. Others used the term "Elitist"

I did go, I do wear the beads.

Color me Elitist.

I have a couple of uniforms that are full of knots and stuff.

I thought I was sometimes wearing them as a way to encourage others to take the training's and get trained.

I thought I sometimes wore them as a way to communicate to others, that this Dude here has been around for a while and will if pushed? Push back. (I posted a long winded thing about what happened at one of the Jambos.)

I don't wear any knots or beads on my Sea Scout uniforms?

Not sure what color that makes me?

Does it mean when I'm in a Sea Scout uniform that my ego is intact? But when in the field uniform I need a boost?

Knot envier?

Bead envier?



Left handed.


White haired?

Strange accented?

Man oh man! I'm glad that the dogs like me!


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sherminator: It's that strangeness, plus my concerns about the el cheapo flag and BSA namestrip falling to pieces in the wash, that just made me order an ODL shirt. (And after all those years I moaned about the ODL... argh.)


Maybe it's just that the style of the bellows pockets needs to grow on me. But until it does, the naked pockets will just look odd.

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best way to take care of the BSA and the flag on the centennial uniform is to get teh wife to embroider over the BSA iron on and sew a flag over the flag iron on.


Gotta love the wife for emboridering, not I got to sew that flag on.


I have the long sleeve with the swiss tabs, so that may be adding to the messy look on the shirt end. but also the front just looks cluttered compared to the ODL front, maybe the disco collar?

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If you came across me at a campfire, I most likely wouldn't be wearing my uniform shirt - I would be in an Activity uniform. To answer your question, I would treat you like any other Scouter. I do look for conversation starters on uniforms. I look for areas of similar interest or background. Without any of that, the conversation just starts a little more basic - "So, how long have you been in Scouting?"



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Many folks have a uniform "itch"


Some folks satisfy theirs with the minimalist approach. Others like to wear every authorized accouterment.


The main question was already posted by others: regardless of their uniform, what are they doing for the scouts?


For me, the fewer doodads the better. But I know wonderful scouters who feel just the opposite.


And I think it's okay to wear the uniform as often as wearer wishes, as long as he/she is registered and is not a situation that would bring discredit upon scouting.

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