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Do you wear Class A when traveling to and from campouts?

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Troops in the past - YES.

Current Troop - NO.


My son doesn't like the Troops uniforming and pointed out in our first visit after moving they didn't look like Scouts. When he showed up, in complete uniform (no merit badge or OA sash), the other Scouts took notice. Young and old alike nearly swamped him with questions and some were just amazed he wore a complete a uniform. Two patrols asked if he would be their Troop Guide, didn't know anything about him other than he wore a uniform. Last week the SPL was, almost, in full uniform...


If it has that much impact on the Scouts, how much impact does it have on others while traveling?

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When I worked for supply, I had to wear the uniform everyday. I had to commute an hour to the shop, and one day my car broke down. I had so many people stop and offer me their cell phone to make a call, that I eventually pretended to be talkign on a phone until the wife did stop by.


Another incident was we had a scout that got sick at Summer camp. He was Ok, just needed meds. Since I planned on being back at dinner time, I went ahead and put on my full uniform on, and drove into town. It started raining. After picking up the meds and driving back, an idiot pulls out in front of me almost hitting me. Fortunately I swerved to avoid hitting him, but I hydroplaned and went into a ditch. Car was ok, but b/c of the mud i couldn't get out. A tow truck eventually came by pulled me out, and asked why I was in uniform. When I told him my story, he laughed said no charge as he hadn't done his good turn for the day yet, and that he needed to set the example for the scouts in his troop, and he drove off.


All he asked was that I help someone with car problems in the future. I did the following week, but THAT is a different story for another time.

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Of course, why wouldn't the troop wear uniforms?


Class A is worn to and from all campouts and outings. Class A at all troop meetings, events, merit badge universities, summer camp, etc.


Once we arrive at camp site, the shirts are removed and commonly left in the vehicles along with neckers. Class A is worn for Scouts Own Service Sunday morning and then into the vehicles for ride home.


During June, July and August, Class B is implemented for troop meetings due to heat. Class A must still be worn for SM conference and BOR during those months.


We are basically a full uniform all the time troop. Troop culture is wearing the uniform so only resistance is tucking in the shirt tails by a few regular suspects.

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Of course, why wouldn't the troop wear uniforms?


All sorts of reasons, good and bad. ;)


I always like to see troops travel in uniform. Well, almost always. Occasionally I'll cringe at da behavior of some lads who leave a bad taste in folks' mouths.


When troops don't travel in uniform, I'll sometimes dare 'em to try it. Almost all the time, they discover that far from treatin' them like pansies, lots of folks greet them and talk to them and tell them their own scoutin' stories. That's sometimes an eye-opener. Wearin' uniforms are also good ways of avoidin' problems when crossing borders or flyin' or getting caught in a traffic stop or whatnot.


That having been said, when a unit is goin' on a campout where they're goin' to hit the ground running, the uniform doesn't always work. Leastways not in the snowy north, eh? Yeh want da kids to hop out of the car in the dark, grab their packs or gear and trudge through the snow to make camp. So they've got to be clothed and equipped to do that, not tryin' to change their shirts and pants when it's 0 degrees out. Da uniform was made to serve the program, not vice versa.


So to answer da second question, there is of course no rule that yeh have to travel in uniform, and in fact no rule that a boy has to own a uniform. Just like there's no rule that a boy has to advance. Da uniform is a program element that we use, not a requirement.


One of these days maybe we'll get away from da legacy of Oscar and have a simple, outdoorsy uniform that the lads think is cool and not embarrassing to wear, and that can be worn in the field. We keep tryin' to head that way, but da tradition of dingles and doodads and well-pressed parades that adults love so much is like tryin' to swim with an anchor tied to both legs.




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Knot Head and Fellow Scouters,



Regarding my troop and my crew. (Which are two seperate units, the crew has a few Scouts from a few neighboring troops and a few girls.)


Our local camps spread from 15 minutes away to 10 hours away.


We usually rally in the parking lot in complete uniform (which allows for a parking lot inspection). If they are wearing their uniform, you know they have their uniform shirt with them. Next question is, did they pack everything else on the packing list?


After the parking lot inspection. For longer trips to camp, my Scouts (as well as my Venturers) are allowed to take off their uniform shirts and pack them away.


Also Knot Head asked is there a BSA rule that requires the class A uniform on the route to and from a campout?

Is this just a suggestion or tradition or a rule?


I could only see that Gunny and more recently Beavah responded to that question. I agree, there is no rule. It is a common Urban Scouting Legend that BSA states you must were your uniform while traveling, otherwise the BSA supplimental insurance will not insure the troop in case of an accident. (just google Scouting Urban Legend, and you should find it in a few postings)


I think the "Must wear uniform during travel" legend was started to get Scouts to bring/wear their uniforms. It just snowballed BSA-wide to the point new Scouters accept it as fact. I still hear it mentioned every few months at my local roundtable.


It may be a good legend to get your Scouts and Scouting parents to make sure the uniform makes it to camp, event, or ceremony with the Scout. But if taken too seriously, it scares some leaders into believing they are not insured or violating a BSA safety policy.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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national will tell u there is no such thing as a CLASS A uniform.. but yet we all call it that.. they need to get onthe bandwagon..


anyhow, as the rest of the world defines their class a policies... april to october would be class b uniforms ( shorts, short sleeves etc) the rest of the year is long sleeve etc. Class C uniforms would be their venture or varsity uniforms...


when travelling to and from campouts, scouts should have 'camping clothes'.. no need to risk a good CLASS A getting stained or torn.


NOw if this campout is a non troop event, such as a camporee or a jamboree, the committee and the boys should discuss it further.


but there are no regulations regarding this

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I have a lot of good stories of the advantages of wearing a uniform while traveling, but it is also the only adult forced rule while I was the SM. Not that it had to be, most of the boys agreed. We created the rule when I once stopped at a rest stop. They were my scouts, but I saw a very nervous store clerk watch 25 church kids running around in out of the store grabbing snacks and so on. I jokenly said something about it to the clerk and he said the hardest part is not knowing which adults belong to those kids. I realized that store clerks are a lot less nervous when they can identify the adults responsible because they are dressed the same as the kids. And they can identify if the kids belong in the same group. It just being courteous.





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here is the offical word:


The official uniforms are intended primarily for use in connection with Scouting activities. They should be worn to all den, pack, and troop events, and may be worn to school, church, or any family function. The uniform may also be worn while participating in a troop or pack money-earning project if approved by the local council. It may be worn when selling tickets to such events as Scouting shows that are approved by the council.



The uniform may not be worn by either Boy Scouts or adult leaders when:




Involved in any distinctly political endeavor



Appearing on the stage professionally without special approval from the National Executive Board



Taking part in parades, except when rendering service as a Scout or leader or when officially representing the Boy Scouts of America



Participating in demonstrations not authorized by the Boy Scouts of America



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"anyhow, as the rest of the world defines their class a policies... april to october would be class b uniforms ( shorts, short sleeves etc) the rest of the year is long sleeve etc. Class C uniforms would be their venture or varsity uniforms..."


Here in the south, the length of your sleeves or pants do not constitute Class A vs. B. Class A is a complete uniform: shirt with patches, scout pants, scout socks, scout belt, and neckerchief. Class B is a scout oriented T-shirt instead of a scout shirt but includes scout pants, scout socks, and scout belt.


when travelling to and from campouts, scouts should have 'camping clothes'.. no need to risk a good CLASS A getting stained or torn.


My son has been scouting since Wolf. Past 3 years as a Boy Scout. His troop camps at least 10 times a year plus a week at summer camp. My son has worn his uniform to and from each event. Generally speaking he wears his uniform pants 99% of time during outings. If there is a mud puddle, my son is in it. If there is a tree to climb, a hole in the ground to root around in, dirt bank to slide down, or a shore line to wade in, he is there. Same zip off pants for that past 3 years. Starting to look a little worn but with a little ironing, they are serviceable for COH.


People often complain about the cost of the uniform and are afraid to use it. I have had the same shirt and pants for the last 6-7 years. The only time I damaged my uniform shirt was reaching into the trunk of my car at a troop meeting. Corner caught the shirt and tore a 1 inch slit. 2 years later, the tear has not gotten any worse and the only repair has been to ignore it. I wear Class A to all events and remove the uniform shirt during campouts.


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we lawys do. The boys typically dont complain. I have been to truck stops an the like when i have traveled and run across a bunch of boyscouts. There is something neat about seeing boyscouts in their uniform. Assuming they are acting like scouts its a great way to show the world that we are proud to be scouts. When we get where we are going the shirts normally come off and the class b's are what we wear all weekend. thats not bad either because if you had a particularly grubby camp that weekend you can throw on the class A that was hanging up nice and clean.

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