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Need Replacement material info

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Where can I get a replacement mid-leg zipper and the correct color of thread for a pair of switchbacks?


I broke the metal part of the zipper on one leg of my son's switchbacks (the one used to convert the pants to shorts and vice versa). He is sentimental about those pants. Though I am not very good at sewing, I am willing to try. What can I do about getting the right kind of zipper?



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If you are not that great at sewing, I would recommend that you take the pants to a tailor and have them fix them. Many full service dry-cleaners have alteration/repair services. Zippers are difficult especially on something like a leg. If you are determined to do it, go to a fabric store... here we have a large chain JoAnns.. and get someone to help you find the right kind of sipper.. and the thread. They may can recommend someone who can do the repair for you too.


I would really recommend getting someone who knows what they are doing for this task. I am experienced, just don't do it often now, and I would pay someone to do it for me. Beyond my patience level. It's worth it to have it done right, and me not to have to fight it.

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