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BOGO at scoutstuff.org

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Has everyone caught on to the "buy one, get one" sale on scoutstuff.org (and presumably at Scout shops)? Pre-centennial uniform parts being cleared out.


It wasn't clear to me, at first, that mix & match is allowed, but when I placed an order for pants and a shirt, the shirt popped up as free (once I plugged in the coupon code at checkout).



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My son is 16 and a Life Scout. His current pair of old school uniform pants are so faded and worn, I'm surprised they don't go poof when he puts them on. He staffs summer camp and they wear scout pants and shorts as part of their uniform. He has not really shown any interest in the new uniform even though dad has one. I ordered him two new pair.

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It only applies to the "Classic" Khaki scout uniform. I was going to get a new cubscout shirt & switchback for my son, but noticed the code would not work. It did work if I was ordering Khaki Leader shirt/pants.


I guess the cub scout uniform is not "Classic" enough. LOL



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