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Can you believe this!!!!????

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I have this image of some of the SMs I know in their BS speedos, standing under the fly in the morning enjoying the fine breezes with a cup of coffee...


I really want that out of my head, now. The bounds of tasteful behavior have been seriously breached.



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Fellow Scouters,



Thank goodness, I work on the Firing Range and not the Water Front!


Another odd thing on Scoutstuff, there is a newly fresh scat bandana. Maybe a star finder bandana, maybe a first aid bandana, maybe an illustrated forty knots bandana.


But an animal scat bandana? C'mon now.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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Scratch and sniff for the scat bandana... NO


Scratch and sniff for the Fluer-de-lis thongs... YES :)


** There Vicki - just driving the thread closer to the gutter for you... decorum be damned !!

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