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How best is the uniform method defined?

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A week ago wednesday, I was along on a training hike with 2 scouts and our ASM. One of the Scouts, a Life scout and OA member, and I were discussing the 8 methods of scouting and in particular...The uniform method. We are training for Philmont this summer and this was a 10 miler, so we had plenty of time to talk as we went.


The Scout was familiar with why we have a uniform method and still had questions as to what it contributed to the other 7 methods.


I answered him that I could see the other 7 methods as parts of a house or building, and that to hold all the parts together and protect them, we need to have siding and a roof. The idea that our uniform method serves the rest as a way to hold together and protect seems to me to be reasonably accurate, and it does seem to be the "glue" that holds the rest in place...the uniform is a visible public image that when seen immediately identifies us for who we are.


Well, for good or bad...thats my take on how I define the uniform method...what say you?

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