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Uniforms and the OA Sash

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I have two questions regarding the wearing of the OA sash.


1) Is it "legal" to wear the sash without a unform. I've seen many Scouts at OA events wearing their sash with t-shirts or their "class B"; or they wear it overtop sweatshirts, jackets or raingear. Is this ok, or should it only be worn with the "class A" field unform shirt?


2) Is it appropriate to wear the sash with the green venturing uniform?


Thank you.

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"1) Is it "legal" to wear the sash without a unform."


No, tho its done. Some lodges have a tradition of doing so in their class B.


There IS an exception for those in ceremonial garb, either for the ceremony or elangomats.



"2) Is it appropriate to wear the sash with the green venturing uniform?"


YES. The green Venturing uniform is a BSA uniform. Of course you can.


I thought the FAQ at the OA site answered these, but I only see questions regarding wearing the flap, not the sash. I'll have to double check my OA handbook. (the insignia guide doesn't answer these)


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Please point me to the pages and paragraphs in the Insignia Guide which only authorize the sash with the Class A/field uniform.


I've been an Arrowman since 1970, and I sure as heck remember the Arrowmen running crews and the Ordeal Master (they weren't Elangomats then) wearing their sashes with their work clothes. Heck, I think I can point you to pictures in the 1965 Edition of the Handbook, if it wasn't in Missouri and I'm on eldercare in Nevada.

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Fellow Scouters,



If I may explain my experiences with the OA sash.


I've traveled to a few councils over the years. At a few councils we wore the Sash not only during OA ceremonies and Ordeal weekend. But also for the work weekend. It was a sign of pride to have a dirty sash with sweat, dirt, and dried mud. (It shown how much service you provide to the camp and council).


At other councils, all the sashes were pristine heavenly white (looked like a detergent commercial) and bright glowing red arrow. Then, Myself wearing my dirty sash to the annual OA banquet, I looked like I came out of the wilderness or a cave.


Then in yet another council in frequent colder weather, we wear the sash when we wear our field uniform (aka class A); but (optional for the wearer) most will wear the sash on the outside of their red jackshirt.


So, after seeing a few different methods (legal or not so legal) of wearing the OA sash. I arrive in the parking lot of my local Summer Camp, throw my sash over my last years camp T-shirt, grab the work gloves and go strolling into camp towards the Quartermaster shack. Not far from the parking lot I heard the OA Lodge Advisor yelling, "Hey, Crew21 Adv!" "How you doing?" "C'mon over"


This was just a few years before the webpages Scouter.com or oa-bsa.org FAQ pages existed. My Council's OA Lodge Advisor didn't have the Insignia Guide, but he had the OA handbook. He showed me where it stated, the OA sash should be worn only over the field uniform and Indian regalia. (No one yet in this discussion has stated it can be worn in the Indian regalia, elangomats, or the principle characters). I always thought wearing the sash over the T-shirt during camp work weekends (not the Ordeal weekend) was acceptable.


Whoa.. What an awakening, I had read the OA handbook a few times, and never paid much attention to that page. I'm not pointing the fingers at any fellow Scouts and saying they wear their sash inappropriately. But that is when I learned that I should not wear it in T-shirt.


As far as being legal. Hey, I wear a legend on my sash, but its sewn on the inside, behind the red arrow, facing towards me. I guess I break the written "Insignia Guide" rules too. So, I don't run around shaming people wearing the sash with their T-shirts or polo shirts(similar to adults wearing the Wood Badge beads in their T-shirts or polo shirts).


I now have about three sashes. One pretty dirty which is on my office Scouting memorabilia shelf. One for regular outdoor OA event wear, and one for indoor OA ceremonies and events.



So, look briefly in the Insignia Guide to see what is says. But look further into the OA Handbook about when and where (and specifically on what uniform/regalia) it can be worn.



Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv


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"Please point me to the pages and paragraphs in the Insignia Guide which only authorize the sash with the Class A/field uniform."


It doesn't say anything in the Insignia Guide.


It's a mistake to assume that everything related to uniforms is in that guide, tho it would be nice.


As noted by Crew21_Adv, it is stated in the OA Handbook that the sash is only worn with the class a/field uniform & indian garb (for ceremonies).


Am well aware of many lodges having arrowmen wear sash in their work clothes. But like a lot of traditions in the OA, its one that's probably not backed up by what's in the Handbook. Am sure the recent ones say no. Not sure about older ones (tho I can check my collection).



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Eagle92- I already noted the exception for elangomats in my original message.


I'll probably pull out my collection of OA Handbooks and see what they say. May be interesting to see if the policy changed over the years.

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OA Handbook, 2007, page 57: "The Order of the Arrow sash is worn with the official Scout field uniform or Scouting's official adult dress wear (a blue blazer and gray slacks). The sash also may be worn by Elangomats who are not in uniform at an Ordeal, youth wearing ceremonial attire, and in such other instances as approved by the Scout Executive."

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