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Where can I buy khaki velcro?

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I see plenty of back and white velcro in stores. I want khaki so my sons can sew velcro strips on the shirts and patches for rank and position. Then they won't have to keep re-sewing (wiht my help - of course...) inside the pockets.



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Khaki, tan or cream colored Velcro is not hard to find in 3/4" strips. I would start at a fabric store (regional/national chain store if have one in your area). This size is also easy to find on the internet, but use the search "hook and loop fastener". If on the other hand you are looking for wide material (4"-6"), I will admit that is harder to find. I wanted to use it on position patches on one of my uniforms, and I finally found it at a military alteration shop near the local navy base. It cost $6.00 for 4"x36" strips, with each hook and loop strips sold separately.


Good Luck.(This message has been edited by Buffalo Skipper)

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I found kahki velcro at my base military clothing store in wide sheets.


I used it for my sons "position" patch. I would have used it for his rank patch, but he already had STAR sewn on, so when he does get LIFE I may use it then.


I think I saw it at a fabrics store, Joann Fabrics, when I bought a replacement zipper.


Here is a web site where the clothing store had referred me to before that carries it. It may cheaper locally though.




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Velcro makes a product called Attach-a-Patch. It comes in Desert Tan which matches the uniform. I buy it from a company online called Industrial Webbing for $6.80 including shipping per box, the best price I could find. Each box has a 4" by 12" piece, both sides.

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I started this thread a while back asking if anyone was using velcro.



I specifically asked about using it to attach POR patches since our guys change jobs every six months. It was being considered as a cost saving and connivence idea.

Some posters were against it.

We have been doing it for a year or more now. It saves money on the POR patches. We give the hook side to a scout when he receives his first POR patch. That gets sewn on the uniform and he's good to go with POR changes.


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