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World Crest with Wood Badge beads patch!

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OGE:"It was my understanding, and only my understanding, that Wood Badge was changed because of the need to give multiple scouting positions, such as Cubmasters, Committee Chairs, Charter Organizational Representatives, scoutmasters, District Commissioners, District Committee members, etc. Organizational skills. BSA realized they could not develop an advanced training module for all these areas so they changed Wood Badge to be the management class for the BSA. "


Yeah, OGE. They took all the regalia and majesty of WB but none of its substance. Replaced the meat of the program but kept all the trappings. BSA should have done it differently. If old WB was obsolete and unnecessary, let it die. This new course should have been able to stand on its own, developing its own legacy, not co-opting another program's history.

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>"Maybe we should also ask the boys to get rid of their patrol emblems and patrol flags with any awards hanging from them. We don't want them to offend anyone not in their group, right?"


Those patrol members are actively involved in their current patrol or the patrol itself has a legacy that is being passed down within the troop to new members. This is different than all "Owls', "Beavers", or "Eagles" from different WB troops and training experiences flocking together like birds of a feather. Good on ya for earning your beads, 'nuff said!


>"Finally, there is this thing called "fun" - you should try it some time."


Some of my younger Scouts think running with open knives and hatchets is fun maybe I should let them do that. I think having fun has nothing to do with the initial point of this thread which was why in the world do WBers have to wear an unofficial patch, in addition to their beads, when they know it is against the insignia guide? (How does that set the example of being trustworthy, loyal, obedient, or thrifty among the other laws?)


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>"In the new March-April 2009 edition of Scouting Magazine on page 20 there is a picture of a scouter with a different world crest emblem patch. The patch can be purchased from quartermasterstore.com under woodbadge patches. Anyways, my questions is, is this patch official and can be worn after completing your woodbadge ticket, or is this guy just in the wrong?"<


I have seen many unofficial (i.e. unauthorized) patches over the years; this is just one more example. Can they be fun - yes. Are they to be placed on the uniform - no. Does my desire to wear my uniform correctly make the uniform police, or obedient in following the BSA's rules? Just like WBers who give the impression of elitism, uniform police are identified by their attitude and motivation.


If I see an unofficial patch on a uniform and privately ask the person about it and let them know its wrong in way that is not offensive and there is usually no problem and the other person leaves having learned something new. I'll admit there are a lot of rules and not everyone is going to buy the insignia guide and read through it to find every right answer; in fact, they'll probably do what they saw someone else do. As a former Drill SGT, I know I put more into the uniform than most - that doesn't make me better, just a little OCD about uniforms.


There are folks I just won't approach about their uniform - or anything else - because of their attitude. I learn from these people what I can and try to ensure I am not projecting the same attitude to others that I see in them.


Now, if there is an unofficial patch out there that people think is the greatest, why not round up some support and submit the idea to National? The program, and its accoutrements, is always evolving. Does anyone out there know the procedure for recommending a change in uniform/patches?


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For what it's worth, I'm a proud Owl, course WE4-45-2-07, and I staffed Wood Badge for the first time this year as a Troop Guide.

21st Century Wood Badge offers a chance for leaders from all walks of life to have a chance at some serious communication, team building, and leadership training.


The Patrol method is not lost in 21st Century WB, it's accessible to all levels of the program. We had Cubbers, Scouters, Venturers, Coaches, and brand new district level people on our course, and it was an adventure for them all. Even corporate trainers in our participant roster found use in everything that they were exposed to.


Depending on how closely a staff follows the syllabus will dictate how things shape up. While there is significant classroom time, there are also opportunities for hikes, patrol cooking adventures, outdoor physical challenges to promote teamwork, and time in the great outdoors.


I strongly encourage anyone who is not happy with the way some traditions take over the syllabus, get involved and change it. Our Course Director took a chance and we went back to following the syllabus and nary a tradition in sight, and it was an amazing experience.


Being a staffer for WB is being a servant leader, and I'm proud of the gifts I was given to help me remember my time spent as a Troop Guide for six amazing people. They each have meaning, and remind me of the Scout Spirit and the boys that brought us together. The boys aren't lost through the items, they're a reminder of the boys we serve.


That being said, if you want more back country Wood Badge, take the Philmont Leadership Challenge -- it's Wood Badge on Steroids for those who have their beads.



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In the service you would get an Article 15 or worse for creative uniform wear. Congress passed a law a few years that covers wearing military medals that were not earned.


The BSA does not have these punitive regulations, which is good. Some people just want to be a little more creative and a market exists for these products!


I wear a red/black bobwhite patch as I am proud of being a bobwhite. Our Troop numeral patch has the city and state we are from. I don't wear any of the 7 square knots I've earned nor have I ever worn the Quality Unit strips that the unit has earned.


Although I wear my two beads with pride I've noticed that almost everyone at the District RT has at least two. There are many people who also wear three beads and have not been on a Woodbadge team for a long time.


Personally I think there are more important things to worry about. That said though, I would refuse a boy a Scoutmaster conference if he showed up in a t-shirt.


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