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How Many Uniforms Do You Have?

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So how many do you have? I'll start

1 Sea Scout Whites


1 Venturing uniform with OA Chap Associate Adviser (not current position or council, but will be changing CSP soon :) )


1 Exploring Shirt with OA Chap Adviser (i tried the Venturing strip, but it's a different color green, need to get it embroidered at somepoint


1 ODL with my last unit


1 ODL with District Committee POR


1 ODL with unit comissioner POR


1 vintage 1970s uniform with all my original troop's insignia on it.

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Currently I have:


1 Venturing Uniform (w/ belt and socks)


1 long sleeve Boy Scout shirt

1 short sleeve boy Scout Uniform

1 pair Boy Scout pants (w/ belt and socks)


1 Sea Scout working (khaki) Uniform

1 Sea Scout Dress (white) Uniform


I have a least my shirt from the 70's with an Eagle Badge on it hanging in a closest but don't remenber if the pants are there (but the field cap is).

The red beret is long gone as our Troop hated them and only got them to go to Jambo and told Mom to feel free to give to anyone who wanted it.



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2 venturing shoert sleeve shirts

1 Venturing Grey long slacks

1 Venturing Grey Shorts

1 "NEW" Centenial Uniform shirt for Boy Scouts

2 Boy Scout short sleeve shirts

1 pair long boy scout green uniform pants

4 boyy scout shorts

assorted boy scouts socks, pret near jalf dozen,

2 pair Venturing Socks

Multitude of hats, either form Camp, Camp School, events, bought at scout store

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Do you mean uniforms you wear vs uniforms that you may have outgrown, but still keep around?


Of uniforms I wear, that includes:


1 Sea Scout White uniform (including belt, pants, and shorts)

1 Sea Scout Tan uniform (including belt, pants, and shorts)


2 Venturing green shirts for one council I work with.

1 Venturing green shirt for another council I work with.

the above 3 have the 2007 WSJ patches on them. I plan on switching 2 of them for the 2010 NSJ sometime soon. I may pick up another shirt so that I have 3 shirts for the 2010 NSJ, but not sure.


2 Venturing green shirts for yet another council I used to work with. Will probably change the CSPs and office patches on these. One of these has the 2001 NSJ patch on it, the other the 2005 NSJ, and both have the 2007 WSJ on the pocket. Those will stay as I always keep 1 shirt with an old Jambo patch I attended.


I have several pairs of charcoal gray shorts (2 styles) and a pair of zip off charcoal gray pants and a more dressy pair of charcoal gray pants I wear with them, along with several pairs of Venturing socks. For belts, while I have a Venturing web belt, I normally wear either my Philmont belt/buckle or my WOSM belt.


For uniforms I don't wear:


I still have several ODL tan shirts I've outgrown and not worn since the mid 1990s, 2 Venturing shirts I've outgrown, and 1 navy crackerjack I have for demo purposes (got off eBay cheap).


I got rid of any ODL-related pants. I had outgrown them back in the mid-1990s, and when Venturing came out, went that route.


I also collect scouting memoriabilia, so have picked up unused old green Explorer shirts and an sky blue Air Explorer uniform shirt.


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2 "half uniforms" - complete from the waist up (so far).


1 shirt with the Cub Master POR.

1 shirt that was just purchased for Troop Committee POR.

1 Uniform with District Committee POR (still to be purchased)


I just finished up my "Cub Master" role with my son's Pack this past Sunday, so the Cubmaster Shirt will be officially "retired" (and it needs it after 4.5 years of hard use). The Pack Committee considered the scout pants "optional" (which is a different discussion all together) so I never purchased them.


Still have to purchase the "bottom half" of the "Troop" uniform (the scout shop was out of stock when I purchased the shirt) and a second complete uniform for my District Committee work.



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"How Many Uniforms Do You Have?"

Way too many!!

Enough that makes me wonder why the heck did I ever want to spend all that money on?

I have not bought any part of the new uniform.

Apart from Sea Scout Uniforms.

I have a drawer full of socks with red tops, some long and some short.

18 pairs of Scout shorts.

9 Pair of long pants.

26 Scout Shirts. (I think two of these might belong to OJ and HWMBO put them in the wrong place.)

One red wool shirt-jacket.

Two red nylon jackets.

Two campaign hats.

I'm very much sewing impaired so buying a new shirt was easier than changing patches.

Some have 2001 Jambo patches on, some 2005 Jambo patches. Some have the Regional Patch on from when I served on the Area Committee, some have the position patch of whatever position I held on different WB courses, some have District Commissioner patches on, some have District Committee or Chairman patches on.


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I have 1 older tan short sleeve shirt I started DL/CM with....that one became my Boy Scout shirt I often wear when camping.


I have a 2nd older tan short sleeve shirt I bought as CM when I went thru Woodbadge and soon after became on eof the ASM's in my sons Boy Scout Troop.


The latest short sleeve shirt is the new style, the stretchy one with the back vents.


Only 2 have the 5 leader knots I have earned, and OA lodge flap. The new one is a "slick" other than the OA lodge flap and postion/trained/quality Unit. Only the one WB shirt has a "Buffalo" Adult Patrol patch (even though I should have removed it). I'll probably use it as my "staff" shirt this year for Woodbadge.


I also have 1 pair of regular Scout pants, at least 2 pair of switchback pants (I wore as "shorts" so much they don't match the legging. 1 pair of regular Scout shorts (when I was CM).


I also have several olive cargo shorts for camping that are so close to the switch backs it's not noticeably different.


I probably have 1/2 dozen BSA ball caps and more BSA/Camp/Troop/Staff T-shirts than I can wear during the summer.

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In addition to the shirts I have


12 pairs of old socks

2 pairs of old knee highs

2 pair new green socks

1 pair new hiking (the ones with BSA on the foot)

1 pair official venturing shorts

1 pair official venturing pants

1 pair "prototype" venturing shorts

1 pair "prototype" venturing pants

(these last two I got after 98 NLTC when they were still looking at different designs)


1 pair sea scout blue shorts

1 pair sea scout blue pants

(both from when ships could design their own uniforms)


1 full professional uniform (gray slacks, uniform tie, BSA namebedge, BSA cufflinks, and blue blazer)


2 smokey bears

1 Air Scout beret fromt he UK (looks good with the Venturing Uniform)


1 venturing prototype sweatshirt (national decided against that one)

1 WSJ sweatshirt

1 Sea Scoutu hoodie.

1 International nylon jacket

1 Kingsdown International Scout Campsite "jersey" aka sweatshirt



9 Golf shirts

Don't know how many of the following

Neckers I have at least 12 that I wear periodically throughout the year. A bunch more in storage.


Bolos ditto


Hats it seems like every event and year I worked summer camp, I got a different staff hat. I usually wear one of my Smokeys nowadays, but have worn my sea base and expedition hat in the past year.



i know I'm forgetting something.







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2 old style uniform shirts with unit patches

1 old style uniform shirt with 2005 Jamboree unit patches

1 old style uniform shirt stripped for training activities

2 old style uniform pants

3 old style uniform shorts

3 old style web belts

many old style socks in every length

1 leather belt

1 shirtjac

1 first generation switchback pants - hate them with a passion

1 new style uniform shirt

1 new style uniform pant

1 pair new style socks

more scout t-shirts than you can shake a stick at

more scout hats than you can shake a stick at

1 OA sash

1 WB thong with 2 beads

1 WB thong with 3 beads


With the 2010 Jamboree coming, I will be in the market for 2 more new uniforms, belts and socks.

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1 Venturing uniform, complete

1 Captain Civil War uniform USA

1 Lieutenant CW uniform USA

1 First Sgt. CW uniform USA

1 Sgt. CW uniform USA

1 Summer private CW uniform USA

1 Winter private CW uniform USA

1 Private generic CW uniform CSA

2 Private 26th NC CW uniform CSA

1 Officer hat

1 Forage hat

1 Slouch hat

1 Hardie Hat USA


Includes all shoes, leather equipment, 1863 Enfield rifle-musket w/bayonet, 1850 officer sword, NCO sword, .44 Cal 1836 Colt revolver Navy model.


3 Boy Scout SS shirts

1 Boy Scout LS shirt

1 Vintage Boy Scout SS shirt

2 Boy Scout pants

2 Boy Scout shorts

4 Socks

3 Knee high socks

1 Campaign hat

1 Beret

1 Garrison hat

1 Expedition hat


Now everyone knows why I'm no longer married.... :^)



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1 blue sea scout with First Class Anchor buckle

1 leather belt, with Kingsdown International Campsite branded on it

1 75th anniversary buckle for above

1 Eagle Scout buckle for above

1 old style leather belt ( the one that one end can be used as a spoon and the other as a bottle opener :) )


2 old green web belts

2 nylon High Adventure belts from 98 NLTC

2 nylon Centenary belts

2 nylon WSJ belts

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Oh, we're including old Scouting uniforms (which are 50+ lbs out of fit?), well....


1 Cub Scout uniform (1970s)--complete with patches,necherchief(s) and hat(s)

1 Boy Scout uniform (1970s)--(Troop)

1 Boy Scout uniform (1981)--complete National Jamboree Contingent troop

1 Sea Scout uniform (customized for ship 1980s)--complete


1 Cub Scout leader uniform

1 Leader uniform with velcro patches for multiple use

2 Boy Scout uniform (minimal insignia) for meeting and camping use

1 Boy Scout uniform (full insignia) for ceremonies

1 Venturing uniform (Forum Commissioner)

1 Sea Scout Khakis

1 Sea Scout Whites


I don't even keep track of how many t-shirts, activity shirts, polos (15 at a quick count), or socks and hats etc. I have. It fills the second dresser in the laundry room.

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Actually everything I have I can wear today, if I changed the patches :( I hate sewing.


Usually I give my old shirts and pants away once I out grow them. Heck one time I gave a brand new off the hanger uniform to one new scout who joined at 15. Supply issued it to me, but with the boatload of other uniform items I had (4 full new sets of ODL uniforms with current pants or shorts and one full Venturing Uniform all with all the supply division trimmings) he needed it more than I did.

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1 ODL long sleeve with patches

1 ODL short sleeve with patches

1 pair ODL pants

2 pair ODL shorts

2 pair Switchbacks (pre-centennial)

1 scout web belt

1 tooled leather belt with Goshen Scout Reservation 35th anniversary buckle.

More scout socks than I can count as I got all my son's when he aged out.

No neckers or uniform hats as our troop doesn't wear them.


I plan to buy at least one centennial shirt before summer, probably short sleeve. Don't know what I'll use the Technology pocket for as I don't smoke and don't take my ipod camping ;-)


I just got 3 green custom troop number/veteran bar patches and will change out the ODL shirts as soon as I get a chance. I am already using the green tabs. Probably should replace red "Trained" patches as well for consistency.


I have no swords or bayonets but sometimes think a large club would help.

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