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"Salty" Switchbacks

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Greetings everyone! Our Boy Scout troop had its Dec 22nd meeting at our middle school pool. Other than hanging out and having fun, we had Web2 guests and wanted to demonstrate some Boy Scout water survival skills.


We had 2 Scouts that needed to do the clothes inflation skill for First Class requirements. I brought along 2 pairs of the now "old" olive green Switchbacks and a scout long sleeved shirt for the scouts to use...the boys did well and aptly demonstrated how to get out of and inflate the pants as well as inflating the shirt.


The Web2 Scouts also practiced the pants inflation several times and really enjoyed doing it. I noticed that the pants seemed somewhat lighter in shade than when we started, and when the knots in the legs were untied...the lower parts of the zip-offs looked tie-dyed.


The pool attendant checked the chlorination equipment and found it to be set correctly, but the Switchbacks had faded to a shade of yellowish tan. I washed and dried them after getting home, and the fading seems a bit more even...however my daughter commented that the color is one that no body with a pulse would wear.


Any way, if you ever wondered what would happen to Switchbacks if they got bleached, they fade to a color not unlike puke. Yes, I know the tag in them clearly states "Do Not use chlorine bleach".


I might try to dye them back with some Rit...what shade of green though?

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Too funny.


Will RIT work on 100% nylon fabric? You may have more luck using an "acid dye" on supplex nylon fabric in that there should be less color washout in subsequent machine washings.


Check Jacquard acid dyes. Their website has a forum for asking questions.


Here's their color chart



Anyway my 2c, good luck.

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