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The campaign hat

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Catalena Hatter (catalenahats.com) in Bryan, Texas will custom make a hat of any color or shape in 3 or 4 different grades of felt ,but you start off above $100 with out the hardware (BSA universal hat device, hat bad, and chin strap). The more Xs in the grade, the more beaver fur is in the felt and the smoother, more durable and expensive it is.


A really horseback working cowboy will pay big bucks for his work hat and wear a cheap wool felt hat to church.


They will clean and reshape or remake hats, as well, and can ship using a nice corrugated board hat box.


Incidentally, I am using my Texas A&M Corps of Cadets campaign cover. I bought the official BSA chinstrap along with the hat band and hat device (insignia), but I am thinking about using my original chin strap designed to us a hat cord (the strap and the cord hold each other in place), which I will make from round leather cord of matching color to the hat band tied in a square knot in stead of going through a bead and tying monkey fists on the loose ends for the acorns. Then I will make a turks head neckerchief slide out of the same round leather cord. If I wanted to get really particular I could stain my Philmont belt to match on find some boots the same color, but that would be excessive, i think, unless, I just happen upon some boots of the right color and fit next time i nee d a new pair.

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I remember reading that the original BSA campaign hat from the early years (the one illustrated in the Norman Rockwell paintings) was crushable like the current brimmed hat. Much more practical for running around in the woods and rain than the current stiff hat. Does anyone still make a crushable campaign hat?

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I got the 99$ BSA Official Stetson Smokey Bear from my good ol Scout shop, and I quite like it indeed.

I have the official BSA hat device but I wear a gold Fleur de Lis pin instead.

Now it is not crushable and it drives me nuts keeping it looking impecable.

I bought a raincover from a western/riding sports shop in town here.

I use 4 clothes peg to keep it in shape when stored, or get it back in shape.

Saw a nice thing online: take 2 wood boards bigger than your hat, cut out just the size of the hat and then you can clamp the brim between the wood

and keep that brim looking nice n fresh n sharp.

Other ideas?

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Forgot to add, Before I bought my hat press fo rmy good smokey, I used heavy. hardcovered books to keep the brim straight. Once I got the press, I hung it and the cover on the wall.


Now the smokey I received after completing BA22 the one that got wet in the outer bands of a hurricane the during "graduation" ceremony, well that is "well loved" and only saw a press once in it's life.


Here are some links to hat presses.












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