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Boy Scout kilts

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As scouting goes I think it would be great if the BSA would allow Utilikilts be worn at functions, dress or otherwise. The BSA logo embroidered on the front panel in gold on a green Survival model wou

The kilt topic comes up regularly every few months. I have no "problem" so to speak if someone wears one. I do object though when one implies or states that a kilt is "acceptable" or allowed, or is in some way endorsed or encouraged or tolerated by BSA. Kilt lovers, wear you kilt, just leave BSA out of it.

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I own a kilt and both a Prince Charlie and Argyle Jackets with all the accessories. Not really sure I could wear a kilt to BSA function. While a BSA uniform is pricey its nowhere near the amount I have forked out for all of my Scottish wear.

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Fellow Scouters,




I can slightly agree with FScouter.


I have had friends and acquaintances frequently tell me (and other Scouters) that BSA has authorized Kilts over the years. As recent as two weeks ago, I had another friend specifically tell me that the Clan MacLaren kilt is an authorized part of the uniform.


Is it worth arguing over? (Whether that BSA has or has not made the kilt an official part of the BSA uniform). Nope, not really that important.


All I can say is. "Yep. Neat. Cool." "Glad you got a kilt to wear with your uniform".


I'm just a little surprised when Scouters tell others it is "official".


As for me, my knees just aren't that good looking, so I'll spend my money on patches.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!


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Mr. Boyce, is it really necessary to disparage someone's preference of attire simply because you don't care for it? That's considered a subtle form of bullying in some circles.


I wear a kilt from time to time, though usually not as part of my BSA uniform. The few times I do wear it with my uniform shirt, I'm playing my Great Highland pipes for a ceremony of some sort. (I've played for a couple of Scouter's funerals, a couple of Eagle Scout Courts of Honor, and at Summer Camp at the closing campfire. I've also played reveille on my pipes on several campouts and summer camps, but don't usually wear my kilt/uniform for that.) I've been told by a couple of higher-ups at my council office that it's OK for me to wear my kilt with my uniform shirt when piping, as there's a context for wearing it. Otherwise, leave the kilt at home.


I've seen a lot of arguments for and against making a kilt part of the official BSA uniform. The plain fact of the matter is it's not currently in the Insignia Guide (which lists other parts of the uniform and goes so far as to describe allowable headgear), is not offered as a uniform item via Scout Stuff, and is therefore not part of the current uniform. Neither is camouflage, denim, or any form of ethnic apparel. If the kilt is eventually allowed as uniform apparel, that does open the door to other types of ethnic apparel such as lederhosen, lava-lavas, hakama (Japanese wide-legged trousers usu. used in martial arts), and many others that are part of our cultural/ethnic melting-pot.


That Venturers are allowed to choose their own Crew's uniform is understood. However, I know that Venturers are encouraged to wear the 'recommended' uniform (green shirt and grey shorts/trousers) for anything outside thier own Council - Jamborees in particular.


What is allowed in other Scout organizations is up to them. If you'll read the UK Scout Association's guidelines for kilts carefully, it's only Scottish Scouts or Scouts with a Scottish family/background that are allowed to wear the kilt with their uniform. If I recall correctly, it's also under certain circumstances (formal uniform inspections, international events, etc.). Would it be fair to have the same kind of rule here in the U.S.? I think not. It would leave out a lot of Scouters (and Scouts) that may like to wear a kilt but don't have a Scottish heritage.(This message has been edited by EagleJCS)

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I must say I am glad that this thread has risen from the depths. I was once interested in kilts but nothing for me in area. Only recently was able to obtain high speed internet. Because of this and the thread, I have revived an old yearning to learn more of my "Background".


It's kinda funny because the wife said if she was in the same room as a man with a kilt, she was in the wrong place.

Guess she better get used to being in strange places!

Even my brother says he is game.


Talked with my mother today and learned that a cousin is actually in the process of getting info and pictures together. I have got Scott, Irish, and Cherokee in my background. Maybe some day I will learn the details, and find my Tartan if I can claim one. Otherwise, I will have to settle with Woodbadge.


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