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Youth Knots

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Hey, just a little curious what the policy is for Youth knots.


I know 100% Allowed:

Youth Religous


I have heard from council personally:

Medal of Merit



Someone told me the Arrow of Light, but that doesn't make sense since as a youth scout you may still wear the AoL patch.



- Michael Griffin

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Knots Scouts may wear:


- Religious emblem

- Heroism Award

- Honor Medal

- Hornaday Award

- Medal of Merit

- Order of the Arrow Distinguished Service Award

- James E. West Fellowship Award (though I'd love to meet the Scout who donated $1,000 to his local council)


In addition, Sea Scouts may wear the Quartermaster Award knot and Venturers may wear the Silver Award knot.


You're right that the Arrow of Light knot may only be worn by adults.


More details: www.scouting.org/Media/InsigniaGuide/10K.aspx

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"- James E. West Fellowship Award (though I'd love to meet the Scout who donated $1,000 to his local council)"


Keep in mind that you can receive the James West award by having SOMEONE ELSE donate $1000 on your behalf.


Many OA Lodges present 1-2 James West Awards a year to its members, many of them youth. So there are youth out there with it.



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well, long story short since I'm on my iPod typing this I jumped in a waterfall to get my scout master's younger son he's very small and has a few issues and most likely would have drowned or fallen off the end. Excuse the short answer and bad punctuation and errors on my itouch.



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"What about the Venturing Silver or Sea Scout Quartermaster award knots? If a boy is dual-registered in a troop and a crew/ship, can he wear these knots on his Boy Scout uniform if he's earned them before he's 18 in his crew/ship?"


That is correct. Keep in mind that Ventuers can wear the Silver knot on their uniform all the time, as there is no patch for that award.


Further, in venturing most people are ok with youth wearing the eagle and AOL knots on their venturing uniform, especially if the youth is over 18.


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Another knot that Venturers may wear is the Venturing Leadership Award knot. This award is available at Council, Regional, and National levels. If the Venturer is also a Boy Scout, then certainly they can wear this knot on their boy scout uniform.


Here's a file at the National Venturing Cabinet site on knots that Venturers can wear: http://www.nationalventuringyouthcabinet.org/files/Knots.pdf

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I first saw the James E. West knot shortly after it was introduced. I was helping out as a commissioner at summer camp in the craft lodge. A new scout was there and had a knot on that I had never seen before.

So I asked what it was for?

O, my grandpa got it for by giving money to the Scouts.

So ever since I jokingly refer to West knot as my grandpa got it for me knot


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