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Wow, thats a surprise. Its funny that its not really advertised ie send an email to registered speakers. Then again I am deployed and have not logged into my SB account. They also discontinued the Venturring Leadership award for adults now but again BSA didnt announce anything but only on scoutwire (a professional website)


thanks for the info

I use to be an Eagle!

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The link given by UCEagle72 is where I heard about the closure of the BSA Speakers Bank program. But there's more to the story!


As of two weeks ago, the announcement at that web page said "all good things must come to an end, and on December 31st, the Speakers Bank program will be discontinued, and the Speakers Bank Award, patch, and knot may no longer be earned."


As a registered Speakers Bank speaker, I was stunned to see they had shut down the program without notifying the existing members. I let my local scout executive know, since he is in charge of the Speakers Bank within our council's boundaries... he had not been informed either!


Apparently he (and I assume others from around the country) contacted national and said "this is a big mistake... let the program continue" - and BSA national listened!


So when I visited that page yesterday (to provide a link to hawkUH60 so he could read the news of the program's cancellation) to find that they have changed course and decided NOT to cancel the program altogether. The page says the Speakers Bank Award knot can STILL be earned - they will just not add any more speakers to the bank.

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