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If you could only wear six...

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On most of my shirts, I wear six....(some shirts feature all of the knot badges that have come my way....some shirts have none)...but for various reasons, these are the ones that "mean the most" to me...


Eagle Scout Award

J. E. West Fellowship

International Scouter Award

SIlver Antelope Award

Silver Beaver Award

Scouter's Key...


In service,






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Hard to make the cut. I guess the six I that made the cut were because: one I earned as a youth, one was given on recommendation of youth in the unit I served as Scoutmaster, one represents the service I gave in what I think is the most important positions in scouting, and the last three because they were awarded to me based on total service I gave in Scouting.



Scoutmaster Award of Merit

Scouters Key (UC & SM device)

District Award of Merit

Silver Beaver

Lamb Award (Adult Religious)


Had to leave off:

Den Leader Award (Webelos pre 88)

Training Key ( Boy Scout & Cub Scout(again pre 88) devices)

Distinguished Commissioner


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right now i only have five and here they are in order of how i view the precedence



Youth Religious with CS,BS, and SS devices

Scouter's key with committee device

Scouter's training award with bs device


I have only two more requirements to meet the international scouter award., so hopefully I can get that one in the next 3 years.



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I had to redo my six. It turns out the Arrow of Light is not worn on the Sea Scout uniform. The only Scout Ranks you can represent as knots on the Sea Scout uniofrm is Eagle, Quartermaster. So the 6 that I chose to wear on my dress uniforms are:


Scoutermasters Key (could wear three devices but I don't use them)

District Award of Merit (one)

Silver Beaver

Distinguished Commissioner

Venturing Leadership Award

W.D Boyce Unit Organizer





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This thread reminds me of a gentleman I saw at the last jamboree. I saw him after mass on Sunday morning. He was older, at least mid 70's, and wore a pristine pre-1980 uniform. He had chosen to wear only three knots, Silver Beaver, Silver Antelope and Silver Buffalo.

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