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If you could only wear six...

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OK Sea Scouters are only supposed to wear six knots.

If this became the rule for everyone, what six would you wear.

If you feel that wearing knots is not your bag, that's fine and dandy, but don't bother posting!!

You can if you want spin off.


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Scouter's Key (Green and white)

Adult religious recognition


Row 2 right now is blank. Should I ever receive recognition at higher levels, probably only the highest recognition. That's the same as now... I CAN wear the Scouter's training award (all green) but the Key implies deeper training and service.


Now that I've seen the PTC award cycle, if I earn it, it may go on someday. If I understood the memo we got correctly, the knot requirement is:

- Attend another course

- Be in a teaching team to teach a course

- Recruit 3 others to attend PTC.

I think that teaching a course matters. My saying is "Knowledge is power... only when it is shared." I think Waite Phillips said "The only things we keep are the things we give away." I despise "I've got a SEEEEEEECRET" headgames.


E, you're the one who taught me the benefit of, if I ever get it, having the West award on at least one uniform shirt. Sadly, money does talk, and if it'll open a door for the youth I serve, I'll shamelessly take advantage of that.


Apologies to all for the ramble.

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My Eagle knot, Arrow of Light and Religious award as a Youth knot as it represents my scouting youth. My Disitrct Award of Merit knot as it was given to me by members of the District I serve, Council Venturing Leadership Knot, as the nomination was filled out by the youth of the Crew (did I mention one of wich is now the DE of the District I serve?) and the Religious Award as an adult knot, because I was nominated for it by members of the District.

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Probably Eagle, youth God and Country, Scouters Key, SM Award of Merit (NESA), adult religious, Silver Beaver. Was neve a cub scout; training award is precursor, more or less for Key; District AoM odd man out. Unlikely the total will go any higher than I already have, so would not have to change; but if something more significant occurred it could.

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I have more than six, but here goes:


Arrow of Light Award

Youth Religious Award

Eagle Scout Award

Den Leader Award

Cubmaster Award

Scouter's Key (with SM and UC device pins)


The first 3 because of my Scouting youth. The others to show the importance of being a trained "front-line" leader.


If I ever were to receive the DAM, Adult Religious, Silver Beaver, etc.; then I would remove the training awards in favor of "recognition by others" to show that I (in some small way) helped "Deliver The Promise ..." to the boys!






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There is a square knot for the Silver Beaver award. The Silver Beaver award is one of those awards that is presented to you for Scouting Service, rather than earning it (like the Scouter's Training Award).


The BSA has a square knot for just about everything! Besides the Silver Beaver, the BSA has issued 53 "official" square knots for everything from Andvancement (Eagle) to Training (Scouter's Training Award) to Service (Silver Beaver) and in-between.

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I'm sure you didn't mean it to sound like it came out. The Silver Beaver is presented based on a recommendation from one's peers. It has no specific requirements and requirement options similar to some other awards. But because there is no checklist of requirments, it's not fair to say it was not earned. One does a lot more for the Silver Beaver award than many of the others.

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I guess I did not use the term EARN in the proper light. ALL awards are EARNED.


There are some awards that have pre-defined requirements that you must complete in order to receive the recognition. A person can earn: Advancement (AOL, Eagle, Quartermaster). You can earn Training Awards (Scouter's Key, Webelos Den Leader Award, etc.).


There are awards that you receive for some action you performed (Medal of Merit and Heroism awards come to mind).


Then there are forms of recognition you can't "earn", meaning that these awards are presented by one's peers for Service to Scouting, (i.e. Silver Beaver, District Award of Merit, etc.) rather than a set of requirements that must be fulfilled to get the award.


ALL awards are EARNED is some fashion. Those deserving Scouters who have received the Silver Beaver, DOM, and others have indeed EARNED them.


I hope that I clarified my position on the term "earned."

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The knot that I WISH I could wear would be Eagle, but my troop was weak and I did not have the forethought to hang with it. I do wear my AOL and I am working on my CM. I hope that my son sticks with Scouting longer than I did (the first time around) so that I can have thoughts of other knots on my uniform.


There are some great thoughts on this topic.

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