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Red Jack-Shirts

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I suppose that is true if your goal is for power. I shared the news not for power but because I found it interesting and thought others would too.


I heard it from a BSA national director at PTC but since it is not his role to announce the change then I respectfully did not use his name in sharing the information.


It is unfortunate that anyone would find fault in extending such a courtesy.





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Bob White,

Thanks for the info.

Kinda like when someone shared info from a "forum lurker" about the new uniform.



You think this is bad? You should join us in the Issues/Politics section. Sheesh!


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I'm not sure how I'll feel if the red wool jacket goes.

I only have one. It was a gift from Her Who Must Be Obeyed.

To be honest I don't wear it very often, I wore it mainly back in the days when I was busy staffing Wood Badge courses.

I have a 1975 Nordjamb patch on the back. I like the patch. It brings back fond memories.


I think the reason I don't wear it is that it is just a little bit too bright and loud. OK if I'm in a crowd of others who are wearing them, but I do feel a little silly wearing it when I nip into the store for a gallon of milk.

I never found it to be a very warm jacket. The wool was a little itchy when I wore it with just a short sleeved shirt.

So while I'll be sad to see it go. I don't think I'm really going to miss it.

I think it will end up with my other Scout stuff maybe hanging next to the campaign hats I never wear.

When my time is up, someone can a field day selling all of this on e-bay.


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Relax GW these are not huge issues or confidential ones. Many of these things I have shared were shared with a few hundred of us at a time.


Again it seems you just want to try and start arguments rather than just talk about things in an adult way.


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As usual GW you have personal difficulty with truth.

This information came from open conversation with no expectation or request of confidentialtity.


The people who gave me and others this information either work for the BSA or serve as volunteers on the national committees that make these decisions.


I choose as a matter of my own preference to not use their names and to share the advance info with the other scouters as they shared it with me. Once the information is officially announced who said it first is of no consequence. The many things I have been told in confidence will remain private.


If you do not like that choice then you are free to ignore the information. It seems you have no positive use for it anyway.

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Ok, eagletrek, I let your first disparagement of the red beret go by, however, I loved the red berets, they were the coolest thing going in scouting while they lasted. I even had a few girls tell me how good it looked on me and one dated me afterwards, perhaps thats why I have such regard for it.


The red berets were cool, long live their legacy!!!

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