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Compiling List of Scouts Who Have Earned All Merit Badges - Private Issue Knot

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Kinda sorta obviates the one of the purposes of Eagle Palms is my thought...


Of course, the bigger purpose of Palms (service, oath, law, giving leadership) are probably more important than counting coup on MBs...

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"Absolutely untrue. Some emblem distributors are licensed by the BSA, and follow strict rules as to what can be produced and what cannot.


"Troy is not one of those distributors. he has the same "rights" to make emblems for the uniform as any other unlicensed vendor...none!"


You need to learn to read, Bob. I can produce any patch that I want as can you. What others do with it is irrelevant. My right to produce that patch which is not protected by law, is protected by law.


Whether you may it on the uniform is a seperate issue.

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Nice idea but don't see the need. The list of Scouts who have earned all the MB's is probably small & not growing rapidly.


Anyone can make a badge to be worn on a BSA uniform. Being able to wear that badge on a BSA uniform is up to the BSA!


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10

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Thank you Ed.


I don't know if there should be a seperate knot for all 121 MBs but that is an accomplishment to be proud of. Ego? Sure but then isn't a merit badge sash the same thing? Letterman's jacket?


Okay, let's move into the adult arena? How many Harley riders want eveyone in the world to know that they have an HD? HD jackets, boots, caps, t-shirts, wallets, underwear, and even tatoos. That's not ego?


How about all of the simpletons that walk around taking credit for things that they had no involvement with? Did you see the way we kicked tails in last night's game? Excuse me, I did't see you on the court. That's ego with vicarious involvement.


It's ego that prompts me to make sure that my clothes are clean before I leave the house.


It's ego that's getting me out this afternoon to cut my grass.


Ego is involved in much of what we do.



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Mr White,

Or should I say, Lord BoB White? The soap box is a little high my friend. The only ego I see being thrown around is your own. Take a deep breath and just let it go. Show me the rule against making a patch. Also, I'm sure if you leave Troy your address he might send you a free one and he may even call it your idea if it would help.

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Welcome to the Forums, pohsuwed.


I have mixed feelings about the knot, but since I didn't earn a single MB, let alone all of them, my opinion hardly counts (and as others have said, don't palms already serve that function?).


Anyway, I like the idea of a registry of Scouts who've accomplished the feat.

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Thanks for the limerick. We had a whole thread of them a couple years ago.


As for the Eagle palm approach..lets see.


There are 121 merit badges (or so).


Minus 21 for earning Eagle, leaves 100 more.


Each palm requires 5 additional merit badges, so 100 / 5 = 20 potential palms.


Each palm requires 3 months additional service in Scouting, so 20 palms times 3 months equals 60 months of service or 5 years.


Palms can be earned only until a Scout turns 18, so 18 5 = 13.


A Scout would need to earn Eagle by his 13th birthday in order to leave enough time to earn all 20 palms.


Did I get this right?


One square knot patch seems reasonable.


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I truly appreciate everyones input on this issue. Many of your comments have helped quite a bit. Others, obviously, havent helped that much, but thats okay. I have modified my website several times as posts came in to make the content more appropriate. I will continue to update and work on this website, so please feel free to continue to provide input.

I must say that I am somewhat surprised by some of the responses I got from all of this. After a couple posts it seemed like I would soon be approached by a mob with pitchforks and rope. After Bob Whites posts I wondered if he would launch a pre-emptive strike on my house. He was very quick to call me an egomaniac with the very little information that he knows about me. Interestingly, out of everyone who posted on this thread, Bob has the longest list of positions in his profile. I personally wouldnt be the first one to call him an egomaniac because he listed so many credentials; I would simply call him experienced. I guess that just tells you the difference between him and me.

Ill pick on Bob White a little bit more, hopefully to highlight an interesting point to hopefully improve the funcation of this message board. I sent Bob a private message after his first post regarding his quick reaction to my post. I was fairly blunt with him, and I felt like I had the ability to be blunt as it was a private message. In the end I dont think anything I said made a difference to him including feel free to forward me the official method to persuading BSA to recognize these scouts with a knot. Rather than attempting to provide constructive advice he chose to continue to flog me in the forum.

Im sure that this forum is not designed to destroy people and their ideas, but to operate as a collective brain trust to work through ideas and concepts. I appreciate those of you who have helped me work through this idea by offering constructive ideas, opinions, and support (both for and against my ideas).

Please feel free to visit my website any time. I have added new content regarding the idealogy of this knot that you may appreciate.

From this thread I have received additional names that have been added to the registry, and I appreciate it. Please continue to send names or alert people about the registry. Thank you very much.


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Again I am amazed that personal attacks are edited from some posts but not all depending on who the target is.


That aside.

I am one of the few who posted their bios only because others chose not to when asked. Several requests have been made by others to get posters to fill in their bios as it helps to understand where people are coming from in the questions and in their answers. If it makes you feel any better I did not list everything. Nor unlike your website did I congratulate myself for what I had done.


I never claimed to be the eilte of scouting as you have said of yourself on your web site, nor have I ever attempted to create an award to recognize my own accomplishmenets.


No private message from you was ever recieved. Since the one I sent another poster was not recieved either I would guess that there is a problem with the PM feature of this forum. Not my fault.


As for the Copyright laws and what the 70+ images and phrases are that the BSA hase protected, I would suggest you contact the BSA copyright enforcement office in the BSA National Supply Division in Charlotte N.C.

They will send you everything you need to know.


All I did was point out that what you were doing was contrary to the law I did not make you change anything, I suggested you reflect on what yo were doing, and it seems that you did that to a degree.


Did you not want to know you were violating the BSA copyrights?(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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Not trying to hijack the thread, but I wanted to respond to Bob's comment about others not posting their bios, despite repeated requests to do so.


I posted my bio when I first joined this forums several years ago. It didn't "stick" -- after a while, it disappeared and I had to repost it. This happened several times; after 3-4 tries, I gave up and left it blank. Recently, I posted my bio again -- it appears to be holding; but if it disappears again, I'm giving up permanently.


Maybe Bob's been lucky and this hasn't happened to him, but I know I'm not the only one who's had this happen. So it isn't always just a case of adults being secretive or stubborn (not that Bob was implying that).

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