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New Eagle Knot Variety

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"Yes, and that event was closed to youth Eagles. I know, my son got the invite, called Council and was told he could not attend."



John, if you're familiar with the event "A Gathering of Eagles", you and your son would have known that the event is designed to recognize the Heart of America Council's new crop of Eagle Scouts for that year. The hosts, us old Eagles, are invited so we can host (ie. pay for the new Eagle Scout's dinner as well as that of his parents) and impart some career/profession guidance to the new Eagle Scout.


See, each new Eagle Scout attending the dinner is asked to express a carreer field he might want to enter in the future. Based on that info, us old Eagles are paired with scouts who may be interested in our career fields. In my case, it was the military.


That said, your son should have attended this event, along with you, as a new Eagle Scout if he was in Heart of America Council. Not knowing your son's current age and whether or not he has a career/profession yet, I can't comment on whether he should have participated in the event as a host.


I hope this provides some insight.

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I'm an NESA member but not a lifetime member so I don't qualify to wear the new knot. I really don't mind the new Eagle knot variety, though.


Doesn't some of the money from NESA dues go to fund some of the scholarships they award every year? As a recipient of one of the NESA scholarships in the mid 1980's, I appreciated and still appreciate the money Eagle Scouts have paid in dues. That money helped me go to college.


If a life member wants to wear the new knot, great, and thanks on behalf of all NESA scholarship recipients.

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The money from NESA dues does indeed help support Eagle Scout scholarships. In fact the recent Eagle Scout search will, I understand, contribute more than $500,000 to the Eagle Scout scholarship fund.


When you have the money, blade, get a NESA life membership. As a NESA scholarship winner, you're pretty special.

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Yes, I'm in Hand Over All Cash Council.


When we got the invite, I called my DE. Was told it was for Eagle Scouts, Scouters or not, over age 25. Youth members were not invited. He was 17 at the time.


I took him to District Dinner for his recognition.


If it's for youth members, let this be a Wood Badge Moment (feedback is a gift): Someone needs to clearly word the invitation and the promotional materials. They were sufficiently muddy that, as I said, I called Holmes Road. Got an answer of "the event is not for youth Eagles... over age 25 only."


Seems to me there's a minor communication challenge.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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This is the last I'll comment on the "Gathering of Eagles" event. While I was in the council, the event was run to recognize each year's new crop of Eagle Scouts. I, along with other older Eagle Scouts(30's thru ancient) were asked by the local NESA guys to act as sponsors/hosts for the event. From what I can gather from your posts, your son should have been invited to the event as a participant and not a sponsor/host. If that didn't happen then he missed out on a great evening.





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It's great to see that some of us understand the real intent about becoming a NESA member. Blade 1158 summed it up well. Speaking on behalf of my fellow NESA memebers (life-time and non-life-time) I'm glad we could help to defray some of your college costs.


Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle!



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I think some of you have your panties in a bunch. A Simple knot to Recognize those that support the program and help fund teh scholarships awarded to Eagle Scouts non discriminatively!


In My troop any Youth Earning the Eagle Scout Award receives a Lifetime memebership from the Troop.


When I earned My Eagle I was given a one year membership for earning the Eagle and My Troop Bought me a ten year membership. when I was finacially secure I purchsed my own Life Membership mainly because I renewed once and thought it would be easier. I didn't do it for any knot. I did it because I am proud of the work I put into my Eagle Scout and Proud to support an Organization ehlping other Eagles reach their goals.


Is teh heated animosity really necessary? I am of the mindset that if you believe in s program you do what is in the best interest to support that program. I am also a life member of the NRA, North American Hunting Club, North American Fishing club and the North American Handyman club all of which cost a heck of a lot more then the little bit of money the Life membership in NESA Costs. After all was is $180 dollars these days. Cheap bargain to help give some deserving Eagle Scout a Scholarship.


Most of you probably spend more then the $180 dollars on your Dunkin Donuts Extra Large French Vannilla Extra Extra and a Bagel.


I will fight these battles all day long. Support the program and do it any way you can.




Stephen R. Gallagher

Eagle Scout Class of 1985

SMAM 1996

DAM 1997

Scouters training knot 1994

Scoutmasters Key 1995

OA Brotherhood.


I didn't beg or pay for any of them and I didn't work for them. I gave of my time and dedication to provide a program to the Boys. I was Asked why I give so much once. My Answer was because I believe in the Program and Someone had given their time for me!


If it's not for the Boys it's for the Birds.


I used to be an Owl.... A good ole Staffer too.....


I'll Always be an Eagle!

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