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BSA Uniform Shirt "Made in China"?

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One way to offset the high price of Scouting uniforms is to have our Cubs and Scouts work in sweat shops for 12 hours a day so that they may appreciate the "Made in (Red) China" label.




We should replace the American Labor Merit Badge with a new Merit Badge in Hypocrisy


Everyone say :

Hyp o crite (noun)

somebody who pretends to have admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings but behaves otherwise


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What better way to break the 1949 Communist Party ban on Scouting than to show them the money. Huge number of potential new scouts there.


Child slave labor is a huge well known issue. I would expect an organization of BSA's caliber to issue a statement that the factory has been inspected for humane labor issues and subject to periodic inspections. BSA should of expected this issue would not go unnoticed. BSA should of been proactive about the change in vender location. They were not.



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I collect Scout edged tools. Until the last 18 months or so, they were all made in the USA with the exception of the "Swiss Army" models from Victorinox and Wenger. No more.


When I was in our Scout Shop recently, I noted that the standard Boy Scout utility pattern knife they carried - THE "Boy Scout Knife" - was made in China. I wonder if this would have happened if Camillus had not gone under last year.


Happily, the Cub knife was made by Colonial in the U.S.A. -- and the best Cub knife I have ever seen.


There was also a Bear and Son lock-back that was significantly more costly than the Chinese lock-backs.


Case also makes knives with the BSA logo, but they seem to not be sold at Scout Shops. Very expensive little things, they are. The market seems to be adults.


There were also some very cheesy Chinese-made axes (cast heads and handle wood so soft I could dent it with a fingernail & grain all wrong). They were a fraction of the price of the medium-quality Snow & Neally axes also on display. Anyone want an exploding axe?


This follows a general trend of production of edged tools leaving the U.S.

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When they started making the shirts overseas, I didn't see a dramatic drop in price.


Silly you. The director of the supply division saved so much money he rewarded himself with a new Rolls Royce.

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It used to be that there was an Union label in the right hand shirt pocket. Have they replaced it with "thoughts of Chairman Mao"?

People complain about price no matter what. Football cleats, or baseball shoes are so expensive. "Why can't someone just give me everything?" "Can my son just borrow someone elses cup if he is the catcher? It's such a major investment if he doesn't want to stay on the baseball team." Uniforms are never a problem if a boy wants to be in Scouts. Boo-hoo, the price of Miller Light went up, can someone else buy the next round for me?

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Hey guys, we really need to get on board here. This uniform is the best possible Scouting uniform because that what is has to be. And since BSA decided to have it made in China, that must be the best possible place to have a BSA uniform made.


We shouldn't care that BSA used to tell us that the uniform was expensive because it was made in USA by American workers and that the new uniform, made in China, costs just as much because that was the best way then and this is the best way now.


We need to move beyond the idea that we need to keep Americans working and embrace the concept of the global economy and be glad that even though our neighbors might be out of work, we are helping raise the standard of living for the Chinese. Glad? We should be proud!


Arise! All who refuse to be slaves!

Let our flesh and blood become our new Great Wall!

As the Chinese nation faces its greatest peril,

All forcefully expend their last cries.

Arise! Arise! Arise!

Our million hearts beat as one,

Brave the enemy's fire, March on!

Brave the enemy's fire, March on!

March on! March on! On!

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I'd have to disagree with GW. Technically, China may "currently" be the best place to manufacture the new uniform however, the political, ethical, and morale principles practiced in China don't seem to dovetail very well with the principles of scouting.


I guess the question is, do we sacrifice our own morals, ethics and principles just to get a good deal on some scout stuff?


Frankly, the National Council could fix this issue if they had the zeal to do so. If we are to believe what the heads of corporate America say about the value of Scouting and it's ideals, then the folks at National and the corporate cabal could come up with an acceptable solution where as to where our BSA gear is manufactured.


Now back to ebay to find some good deals on US manufactured Yucca Packs and US made pocket knives!!!!!!!



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"be glad that even though our neighbors might be out of work, we are helping raise the standard of living for the Chinese. Glad? We should be proud!"


I saw the retired CEO of Citibank on tv talking about outsourcing jobs to China and the impact on the American economy. His take was that even though it causes us local pain, we should be proud of how we are raising the standards of living in China.


Of course, it isn't causing him any pain. He made a $300,000,000 (yes eight zeros) donation to Cornell.



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