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need a shirt-sorry to ask here

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I found your site on one of my repeated seaches for reasonably priced BSA Paraphernalia. I was hoping someone had advicce for me. My son is a BIG webelo who needs a tan youth XL ss shirt. Everytime I see one on ebay, it ends up selling (with postage) for around $25!


We don't have a uniform exchange. I've tried ebay, craigslist, the pennysaver (local paper), random searches...with no luck. Help! His belly is straining the buttons! Any ideas???


Ben's Mom

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Maybe call around to local troops and see whether they have a uniform exchange. Youth XL shirts (or men's smalls) would not be so uncommon there. You can get a list of local troops and their contact info from your council office, if you don't currently have that info. Good luck to you!

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I have posted this before: post on craigslist.com. Just post that you are strapped for money and you would be willing to pay for shipping. People give Scout shirts away to the goodwill all the time....... I have received tons of uniforms at true shipping price.

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For a boy needing at Youth XL, a men's small wouldn't be too long. After his Crossover yesterday our sole Web II (now a proud Boy Scout) got a new-to-him shirt. He went from a Youth Medium (10/12) to a Men's Small because we didn't have any Youth Large (14/16). The shirt is a little long on him, but that means it will have a better shot at staying tucked in with bending and active use.


Yours in Scouting


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Pack378 has mentioned Goodwill stores. Those are excellent locations to find BSA and GSUSA resale shirts. Have you tried looking in the local yellow pages for second hand shops, charity stores or resale shops?


Years ago, I have visited just a few to increase our trade closet/uniform exchange. I even found a 1973 National Jamboree participant patch still attached to a 2 dollar complete uniform.


Sometimes you can find a real "treasure chest" of shirts in these stores. But call first, because some other Scouters may wipe them out tyring to build their trade closet.


Good Luck!


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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