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One Piece Unit Numeral Patch

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We just had a large discussion at our last roundtable about numbers on uniforms.


It's easy. Cub Scouts are still red (Note: This includes Webelos). This is both cubbies & leaders. And for both Webelos and leaders, red is the numbers for both the old & new shirts.


For Boy Scouts. It's the new green numbers.

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My Crew actually designed a one piece patch that has the council patch and the numbers along with hometown and stuff like that. After shipping and stuff like that, it was cheaper to go this route then to buy all the patches individually.


We also did the number in green on white to match the position patch and VLSC patches for the youth.

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When our veteran unit number changed to 60 this year, I wanted to order a patch with all the numbers plus our hometown on it, as I had seen with a different unit. Then I discovered that BSA discourages the hometown to be on it, which is why you can't order the hometown on the patch from BSA supply.


The reason given was that certain towns in a given locality might be thought of as more "elite" than others. B-P wanted uniforming to equalize all Scouts, regardless of economic class, etc.

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Chubby's Cubmaster wrote:

The centennial tan & green numerals are worn on a centennial tan scout shirt regardless of the level of scouting. The shoulder loops signify the level of scouting.


The official red and white numerals are work on other official scout uniform shirts that are not the centential tan, that is the cub scout blue shirts, female scout leader yellow shirts, venture crew green shirts and the non-centennial tan shirts.


I just bought a centennial shirt and wear the tan and green centennial numerals.


Note: That the centennial tan and green "trained" patch is worn on the centennial tan shirt and not the red "trained" patch. These are the only 2 patches (numeral and trained) that are different between the scout shirts.



That is not correct anymore. It was when originally posted.


BSA changed it to Boy Scouts and Boy Scouters wear green and tan numbers and trained strip and Cub Scouts and Cub Scouters wear red and white numbers and trained strip. It doesn't matter what shirt you have, centennial or old shirt. However, once a uniform, always a uniform, so if you have a set of red/white unit numerals and red epaulettes, you can continue to wear them on the boy scout uniform.


Yours In Scouting,


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And let's not forget that when national intro'd the centennial uniform, sans insignia guide, there was an accompnaied brochure that stated that the ODL and Centenial uniform items are interchangable. grant you it didn't specify what items, so I do see some BS folks with red and whites on their sleeve.


What I find so funny is that they wanted to take the red out of the uniform, but left BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA in red, not green.

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I've had Craig murry design our new unit number patch. It's great looking, and cost a fraction of what the BSA Standard number patches cost. Instead of a Charter Number on the upper bar, I'm going with a EST. 1975, and then the troop Number, and then the city, and place. We are in TAC..

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Here's the deal in reference to the uniform number and the centennial uniform (CU). When the brochure came out that introduced the CUs, everyone wearing them was suppose to switch to green and tan numbers, HOWEVER the brochure did say that uniform items could be mixed and matched. Insignia are part of the uniform, and so are the loops, so it is possibel to wear the red and whites and red loops says some, other's say no because insignia are not part of the uniform, despit ebeing required on the uniform. National didn't hasn't clarified this, so some debate remains


Then national decided to very briefly put out info on red and tan numbers. To my knowledge they were never made, but were a concept that for about 2 weeks were shown on the CU brochure online. This was suppose t be worn by CS and CS Leaders in the CUs. Then the 2009-10 IG came out saying that CS and their leaders in the CUs, and Webelos are CS still, wear Red and White numbers, along with a smaller red and tan trained strip if applciable still.


Confusing isn't it.


Me personally, I think it was a mistake to change make multiple numbers colors, and go back to one color for all. Has worked for at least 40 years, if not longer.(This message has been edited by eagle92)

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"OK - what color of unit numerals should those in Venturing wear?"


Red and white. which some seem to forget (or overlook). Big surprise.


Also, we wear the red/gold trained strip, NOT the green/tan one. But I get arguments on that one too. (like in my council. excuse me, I'm the venturing sme around here, not you.)



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