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The new uniform

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I just went to the website to see the Australian uniform. I don`t like it. It looks like they couldn`t make up there mind for a Class A or Class B. If a boy goes from cub scouts to boy scouts then he has to purchase a new uniform. The tabs the boys and adults have now make a lot more scents. Uniforms are a very expensive purchase for parents. To me if our boy were to go out in pubic they would think we were all Pizza Hut employees. Sorry......... just call me old fashion.

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1Vigil - you're right about having to change uniform when they move from Cubs to Scouts. That bothers me too. In fact it's four different shirts for four different age based sections here. Five if you count leader level. But cost isn't really a huge issue from my perspective. All the parents need to buy is the shirt, $29.95 Australian. That's about $26 American. And in my neighborhood we're pretty flexible with families who can't find the money immediately.


I'm inherently old fashioned too (along with being chronologically old), and I wasn't convinced about the change here in Australia, but they won me over. When the kids all have similar colored pants, and the uniforms are clean, they do look really good.


I just wish you all luck in this process. Whatever happens, it won't kill Scouting.



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1Vigil - A boy can make it all the way to bridging over in blue if his family chooses, which means they are still buying a new uniform(plus shoulder loops) when he moves from Cubs to Boy Scouts. Granted, by the time most boys are Web II's they are in Tan/Green, but there still isn't anything that says they have to be (unless I've missed a recent update).


The Australian uniforms aren't too bad, though I do agree they look a bit like fast food workers.




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" But cost isn't really a huge issue from my perspective"


Cost isn't a huge issue from my perspective either. I look at the families complaining about buying a $30 shirt and a pair of $30 pants and then see that their kids are wearing $150 football jerseyes.


I hear "Whine, whine, uniform, expense, whine. We're going to Cabo over spring break." or from more moderate income families, "Whine, whine, uniform, whine. HBO, NFL Premium Channel, $2000 TV."


I know one fellow who claims that he can't afford a computer or internet service but can afford to spend $100 a month for TV. On top of that, he has a $400 cell phone and every add-on service that ATT offers.


It's all a matter of priorities.

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Wearing the neckerchief with the class b/activity uniform? I honestly don't like that idea. The neckerchief is part of the class a and that is how it has been for quite a while.




Bottom Line: Keep the uniform the way it is.

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"Wearing the neckerchief with the class b/activity uniform? I honestly don't like that idea. The neckerchief is part of the class a and that is how it has been for quite a while."


Depends on how you define "quite a while." In olden days, the neckerchief was part of the outdoor gear. Oscar deLaRenta eliminated the necker with his rework of the uniform. Protests brought it back as optional.


What can you do with the necker outside, in the activity uniform? It can be a hat. It can be used to tote things. It can be used as a bandage. It can be used to make a splint. I can be used to filter water. It can be used to wipe the sweat from your brow.


When I hike, I always have a big neckerchief. It is invaluable.



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First, I'd like to know what movie that's from!

Second, I like the Aussie uniform, but ours is an American tradition!! Perhaps it could work for an official activity uniform (it really looks quite nice!), but part of our Scouting tradition relies on a certain amount of formality.

Perhaps we could bridge the gap by building a scout shirt that is part US/UK/AUS. Has anyone taken a look at the Brits' Scout uniform? Try www.scouts.org.uk okay? You'll find it.

I like the look of our current uniform, but the British uniform looks like it has a certain amount of functionality as well. However, neither US nor UK uniforms look like they could take the beating the AUS uniforms can, just because of it's simplicity. It'd be harder to break :)

Again though, our uniform is part of what makes us tick. We can't just scrap it. We can't have two separate uniforms either. I could go on and on!!

My brain is beginning to ooze out meh ear...

Any ideas on these? And thanks HiLO for showing us your uniform!

Oh, and keep the neckers! Even for activity wear.(This message has been edited by MandalorianScouter)

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I have it on good authority that the new uniforms are a couple of years away.


Put me in the minority(?) that likes more division between cub scouts and boy scouts. Not a big fan of Webelos being in the tan shirt. My boys are both well above average size for their ages. The older one made it all the way through Cubs with 1 blue shirt. His tan shirt should get him a few years of use (until the new one comes out).


I also cannot wait to get more of the red out of scout colors. Not a fan when I was a Scout (red beret era). Why do they not have patch blankets and such in blue for the cubs and green for the boys?

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I'm with you Torveaux. Keep the boys in blue until they cross over. So much whining about the cost of new uniform.


However, I like red. Red and green have been the colors of boy scouting for decades. Red jackets. Red caps. But I've always said that the loops should have matched the old program colors as indicated by the service stars.



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