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Is there an equivalent of the "red vest" for Boy Scouts?

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Should your boys choose the patch blanket option, there's many different ways they can go. In many other countries, scouts/scouters slit a hole in the blanket, reinforce the edges, sew patches on it and wear it to events. I've also seen them done-up as a cape. I display my collection on five different blankets (and counting). I used the pattern at the second link below for one of my five blankets.


Some ideas/patterns for patch blankets:




Pictures of camp blanket of another scout leader:



Old picture of two of my blankets:



How come no recent ones? Many scouts and leaders have taken pictures, but I've never received copies. I need to borrow my girlfriend's fancy digital camera and take some updated shots of my collection. Not just to post, but for insurance reasons.


Good luck and I hope some of these links inspire your scouts should they go the blanket route.



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Don't feel bad, Marietta. I had the same question and judging by the fact that there have been more than 1700 views of this thread, I don't feel that your thread "makes no sense at all" as one of the other people stated. I'm happy others were able to offer you and me an answer. In our area only the Cub Scouts wear the red vests. Our family is new to Scouting so we had no other frame of reference. Thanks for asking the question, and thanks to all those who took the time to answer in a helpful manner.

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