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Well, I suppose change is inevitable in all things, even changing the BSA uniform. I have 2 tan shirts and 1 Venturing shirt. I don't see myself changing if it does happen anytime soon, and I beleive I will be in the majority. It's hard enough to get parents to buy their scout sons any kind of BSA clothing, much less new shirts. Forget about the pants, mostly adults will buy those.


I can just imagine going to a District Roundtable six months after this change, if it happens, and seeing a 3/4 of adults scouters still wearing what we have now, and the other 1/4 (I'm being generous) wearing the new shirt, looking out of place, some patches sown on,

wherever, because they didn't want to leave any behind.

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I think my beggiest aversion to this new uniform (prototype) is the green epaulets. They should be red. I don't believe the uniform had any epaulets before the de la Renta version (I'm not old enough). So when they were introduced, they were red...they should stay red. I suppose it's about time that we had a uniform update, but it should only be tweaking, not a massive overhaul. Just my opinion...

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Does anyone know where or how to get updates from the National Boy Scout and Venturing Divisions? Does National provide just released information (hot off the press type) on a website? Or is their some professional that can be emailed, let's say, about the possibility of new shirts coming in the near future? I looked on the National website and could not detect anything of this nature. Thanks.

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