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If they really want to go with a subdued look, they need to get rid of the CSPs and OA flaps. Bring back community strips in colors to match the numbers.


Get rid of the big colorful position patches as well. Go back to what they used ot have, a small piece of fabric with just the symbol on it.

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Gold Winger, I don't think you'll ever see the end of Strips and Flaps. $$$ for council. I too wish I still had a 70's green Scout shirt, but I can't find one in 2X. I am still holding onto my community strips in the event I ever find one. I also have community strip for msnowmans town (or at least the big mill town I think she lives in).

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"$$$ for council."


Council shoulder patches was part of a devious and nefarious plot by fat cigar-chomping evil big wigs at "council" to suck ever more money from poor innocent boys. Either that or it was an idea to avoid raising the annual registration fee to $50. I can't remember which.


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Wow! I must be in the minority. I like the colorful CSP and highly colorful OA Lodge Flaps. I'd like to see a change back to the collarless shirts of the 70's. The change in colors of the unit numerals seems OK to me. A pocket on the sleeve seems not exactly useful. Bellows pocket on shirt is also IMHO not really usefull. I've not purchased the switchback pants and likely would find a zipper that lands above the knee very uncomfortable while sitting down. Nylon as a pants fabric seems to me to leave a bunch to be desired and wothless for wet weather. Cotton denim or even canvas can be treated to be waterproof. Either seems to me to be a better choice.


All that said, when and if a new uniform comes out I will likely buy a new one but I will also keep wearing the current one. If my DE follows through with his plan to recruit me to be a unit commish. then I will need an additional uniform anyway. Uniform is a method and IMHO Adult leaders should toe the line and set the example. By buying a new one and also continuing the old one as long as it is servicable this can demonstrate to the youth both the method and Thrifty.

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" likely would find a zipper that lands above the knee very uncomfortable while sitting down."


I didn't care for most zip-off pants but the switch-backs are pretty nice. Others that I tried had zippers that bounced on my thighs in an uncomfortable way. The Switchbacks didn't bother me in the least.


I know that young people aren't bothered by wearing their crothc down by their knees and like "shorts" that are more like gauchos. However, I find that shorts that don't end at least a couple inches above my kness to be bothersome.


" Either that or it was an idea to avoid raising the annual registration fee to $50. I can't remember which."


Since no part of the registration fee goes to council, it couldn't be that.

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wow, so many issues, all of which we (I) have no say over.


Planned obsolescence?


Petroleum product cloth? vs renewable source cloth?


Made in (pick a third world country)? Or in USA?


Practical vs fashion?


Money maker vs do we have to?


Velcro? Since when is Velcro cheaper/easier than buttons?


Red tabs are no longer da bomb? Gotta have green? I bet CS will be changing to tan shirts next, with blue tabs...


Is this really an... improvement?


National should apologize to all the thimble users and makers .


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WOW, this is a bit new! Why do they have to change them? The uniform has been the same way before I started, so why now? If they are going to change anything, why not make switchback style pants, but out of heavy cotton? I still wear the old pants with the side cargo pockets instead of the kind they have now with front cargo pockets that look like you have abnormal bulges if you put anything in them. The shorts of this style look especially silly.

Changes I think would be good for a utility/field uniform-

-Tan unit patches with dark brown numbers, though I have no complaint about the red patches

-District patches directly under CSPs

-KEEP RED SHOULDER LOOPS!! that's what boy scouts have been for YEARS!!

-Yes to bellows pockets (especially on my "heavy cotton switchbacks") + other utility pockets

-At least another place for temp patches (they can wear them so why not?

-Name strips (like the name plates, but not easy to catch on things!)

-Production of a FIELD jacket, like the popplin jackets of ages gone by, but perhaps brown instead of bright red (the reason why most youth don't want BSA jackets!)


I was going somewhere with this but forgot. I'll get back to it...

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More and more I find myself wearing the uniform less and less.

After a lot of heart searching, I have stepped down as Skipper, I have been asked if I'd take on being COR for the Ship? I'm thinking about it.

I will be playing a more active role in the Area, Council and the District.

I don't see myself rushing out to buy a new uniform anytime soon no matter how it changes.

If it hits the streets before 2010 and I go to the Jamboree? I might think about it.


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