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Service Hour patches

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The proper place for any temporary patch is on the Right pocket of the khaki shirt (the left is reserved for rank during membership in youth programs, and is empty for Scouters). A Scout or Scouter is authorized one temporary patch at a time. Refer to the BSA Uniform and Insignia Guide, No. 33066 for specific info.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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Is their a certain number of temporary patches that can be worn on the back of the sash or just keep it within reason.


Also I notice some of the boys wear their sash draped over their belt instead of on the shoulder. Is that ok? I understand why they do it, the darn things dont always want to stay on the shoulder

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The oldest Insignia Guide I have is from 1997 and the wording is still the same as the current Guide. It is found in the "Excess Insignia" section that talks about keeping the uniform neat and uncluttered, and suggests several ways of displaying temporary patches.

"Members may wear only temporary patches (no badges of rank) on the back of the merit badge sash. Members may wear only one merit badge sash at a time. A merit badge sash is never worn on the belt."


Also "The OA sash in not worn with the merit badge sash."


By the way ... troops are not authorized to create any kind of uniform patch. Special patches must be approved by the local council, and the national council.

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