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after earning a 2nd temporary patch...

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Who says the boy has to take off the first one and replace it with the second? Its up to the boy what he wears there, and for how long. In my case, I had a certain camporee patch I wore for years there, and when I went to Philmont, I've been wearing my Philmont Arrowhead every since in that location (except for certain times when I swapped it out for something else- hence the value of patches with button loops).


You can wear past event patches on the back of the merit badge sash. Not everything worn on the right pocket, btw, really goes there.


Or get a patch vest.


Me, I use my patch box for old activity patches. I have just way too many for a vest or even a jacket.

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I use binders. I picked up some nice leather photo albums for cheap and bought the patch holders. You can also get the official patch binder (#34388) but at $29.99 it is a bit pricey.


33139 3.5" Patch Holder Pages

3220A Pocket Certificate Holders




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