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The hook is for the pocket knife. However, the hook is not very strong and one could lose the knife is snagged on something. Just be careful and you'll be ok. There seems to be a tendency to remove the hook and/or take them off prior to purchase. (This is a ready supply of extra hooks for those who may want them or who have lost theirs). I use 2 hooks, one for my pocket knife and one for a brass match safe, neither of which I wish to put in my pocket with keys and change to get battered around. If the boys are worried about their knives getting lost, use the 3-4' parachute cord to make a lanyard to secure to the knife and belt rather than making cat-toys with it. That way the extra cord can be stuffed into their pocket or pants and out of the way and if the hook released unexpectedly, the knife is secured with a rope. It also keeps the boys from laying their knives down and getting lost.



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Added Value...


"And if you order your belt before 10:30, we will include , absolutely free, a simulated brass safety clip that is specially designed JUST for your belt!"


Things I have seen hanging from the clip (sometimes more than one):

-pocket knife.


-match safe.

-coil of rope.

-signal flag (?linesman?)

-ANOTHER clip.

-dog leash, with small dog attached!


Any more?


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